First Corned Beef Brisket... WIN!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by coolsh17, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Ok so this is my first real post… Was walking through the supermarket yesterday with the wife and seen Corned Beef Brisket on sale for $4.49lb, the wife and I both thought the same thing at the same time… Corned Beef and cabbage! So I sought after a nice looking uniform piece that weighed in at ~3.5# and we both agreed I would try smoking this (She makes a great tender always perfect corned beef in the oven…) but I am in a smokin mood since I been hooked.

    Started by covering the brisky in yellow mustard and then some commercial Applewood rub I had on hand, wrapped in cling wrap and in the frig for the night…

    Woke up early this morning and started smoking, preheated my MES 30 (With cold smoker attachment) to 235* and put the brisky in fat side up on the middle shelf… no probe yet…

    30 min’s into it I applied smoke I have been hooked on Orange wood lately nice mild flavor similar to apple in my opinion… after about 15 min’s I had nice TBS going.

    Fast forward 4 hours I set my probe right in the middle of the thickest part of the brisky (mine was pretty uniform in thickness) it was at 142* so we are going good… every smoke I have done so far my IT stalls out around that temp for quite some time so I learned to just deal with it.

    Fast forward again now 8.5 hours (total smoke time of 12.5)… during this time I let it smoke with the orange wood the whole time I also babysit my smoker NEVER opening the door unless I have to put the probe in or anything like that (I love the window in my MES 30 keeps my hands off!), and tend the wood with my cold smoker attachment I get anywhere from 6-8 hours of smoke on a single load (Depending on type of wood)… anyway I digress, the IT of the brisky was now 195 which was my target. So I pulled and foiled it putting the brisky in my cool all ready for a good 1-2 hour rest… I know a lot of people foil before they take it all the way to their goal IT, this is a personal preference as I started doing it with Boston Butts and liked the outcome also I am getting a good (Not great) smoke ring on the Boston butts… As you can see in the pic’s I didn’t get one with the brisky no big deal… was still juicy, super tender and delicious!!!!

    Corned Beef Brisket with Yellow Mustard and Commercial Rub ready for the smoker…

    All done and sliced after a 1 hour rest in foil and cooler… Was amazing!

    Sammy I am eating as I write this… Toasted with a little fresh mozzarella I made and smoked a few weeks ago…

    Let me know what you all think, how can I improve (Even though it was great ALWAYS room for improvement LOL).

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    Sounds like a good smoke! The only thing I might have done different is to soak the corned beef in some water to get some salt out.

    Other than that... Nicely done!
  3. coolsh17

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         Ya I should have done that... it was pretty salty (The wife loves that me on the other hand not so much)... thanks for the advice!

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    That looks awesome! You could also put a pastrami rub on it. Homemade pastrami is one of my favorite things to smoke
  5. Nice looking brisket    Just tell your wife that was your practice one, you'll do better next time

  6. MY T FINE!

    Happy smoken.

  7. coolsh17

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    Thanks guys,
    The wife was mighty happy with it... as for pastrami, that is so going to happen next time... and next time may have to be this weekend lol.


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