First cookout on my Lang

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  1. Finally got the time to put my (new for me) used lang 36" patio smoker to the test.  I found this older model (Black Stainless so it's not the 1/4" steel, rather 1/8") Lang on Craigslist about a month ago.  I did my research, considered my options & ended up pulling the trigger.  I was really concerned about the steel thickness, but when I spoke with Ben Lang about the unit I decided it was better than what I was used to, by a mile.  Now I can't even believe I hesitated to begin with.  It's that good.

    So, I just wanted to share my results.  I'm so happy.  Temps were a joy to manage, fuel consumption was miniscule to what I am used to (I used pecan splits/no charcoal at all), and the food quality tied everything together.  So, here are some pics, I hope y'all enjoy as much as I did....

    Leading up to the cookout Saturday, I made my first Fatty.  I had never even heard of them until this forum.  Wow, talk about delicious!  I made a muffelatta fatty.  It consisted of venison burger and venison sausage (I am a hardcore deer hunter), stuffed with mozz, provolone, ham, salami, hot coppa, toasted sesame seeds and olive salad...

    The bacon weave (crappy bacon was almost falling apart as I peeled the pieces)...

    Venison burger & venison sausage rolled out:

    The contents:

    Rolled & ready for the pit:

    Pulled it at 165 (about 2.5 hours on the upper rack, never moved it)

    I also did a Boston Butt & two chuck roasts that belonged to my neighbor.  I happily obliged when he asked me to smoke two/ keep one for myself...

    I got to use my new Smoke Thermo, I love it.  The cheapo accurite isn't too bad either

    I foiled the chucks at 165, pulled at 203..

    Kept the butt on the pit with no crutch.  Pulled at 190, foiled and towel into my ice chest until ready to consume:

    The Chucks were fall apart tender.  Not bad for my first attempt:

    And of course the BB... Sheer perfection when cooked to the right temp...

    All in all it was a success.  Many mouths were (& still are being) fed.  and I am very happy with my new smoker.  Thanks to everyone here for contributing.  I learn a lot every time I come here!   Hope you enjoy....
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  2. Forgot to mention one thing, cleanup is a cinch.  Not using a drip pan in the bottom of my pit kind of freaked me out a bit, but after going through the steam cleaning process, and smoke cure, I got up the next morning and cleaned out the firebox & gave the entire pit a generous spray down/wipe of Pam.  Covered er up a few hours later & she's cleaner than the day I brought her home...


    & outside too...

  3. tropics

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    Nice job on the cook points for your first.

    On the clean up you had to steam clean it?

  4. Thank you.  Also, I should have been more clear about the clean up.  Lang's are supposed to be cleaned after use, by bringing the temps up (to 300 degrees I believe) then hosing/misting the inside out.  The heat and water helps steam clean it, then you open the valve below, and all the water, grease, etc. flows out.  Like a grease trap.

    I hope I did a decent job explaining that, as I am still learning myself.
  5. tropics

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    Ya did just fine,I have misted my gratings at higher temps to clean them.Congrats on the new toy

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    Nice smoke and great find on the smoker!
  7. Saint, I do believe that smoker's defective:  I'm gonna need to come confiscate that from you before you get hurt with that thing.  Just PM me your address, and I'll come and get it before any harm comes to you.   [​IMG]

    Nice work, sir:  point for the find and the vittles.  Glad it worked out for you.
  8. Thanks Groucho!  I appreciate you looking out for me!!
    Thanks b-one!  I am very pleased...
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    Awesome looking smoker!

    I have a Lang too & just love it!

    It sure didn't take you long to get it dialed in.

    That's some great looking Q your putting out!

  11. Now I've just got to find the time to make the 5 hr trip to my deer camp.  Last Fall, we had a big pecan fall during a storm.  I spent two full days cutting and splitting wood.  I knew that it would be of benefit to have some good pecan wood, but I had no idea how much pecan splits cost until I started looking into getting a stick burner...

    Spent most of a Sunday cutting this up into manageable pieces:

    And not to mention I came home with a bad case of poison ivy

    But the end result is this:

    Hope it lasts a while.  I love the way pecan wood burns.

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