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  1. I am smoking my first chuck roast. I was planning on wrapping at around 160 then taking it to 200* but after reading some threads I'm thinking 205 or maybe even a little higher. I want to make pulled beef. What temp do you guys think? I was going to wrap it in peach paper like I do my briskets but was wondering if I should use foil instead to get it tender enough to pull? Thoughts?
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    205 is perfect for pulling.  I do not foil though as I love the harder bark, but that is just me.  Good luck.
  3. Ok. Thanks. That's why I use the peach paper. It keeps the bark but keeps it from getting too much smoke and helps keep moist. Thanks for the help. I will go to 205*.
  4. Any pics for us to drool over?
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    I start checking it for tenderness at 190. Just put a fork in it and when it is done, it will shred with 0 effort. Every piece of meat is different, and will be done at different temps. Hope this helps, beef good. Pulled beef chuck is my wife's favorite behind smoked short ribs. Hope it turns out great!
  6. Chuckle came out perfect. Wrapped at 160 then took it to 205. Started checking tenderness at around 190 but it didn't get pullable? till about 205. Finally took some pic sight after I pulled it. Forgot to take any of the cook. Thanks for your input, now I am confident with chuck roasts.
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    Looks real tasty ! :drool
  8. Thanks WHB. Picture wasn't that good. It was moist and had a real nice bark. It was very tasty. Only problem was I should have made at least two. This one was devoured in minutes.
  9. Looks great from here!  [​IMG]   Yeah a good chuck won't hang around at all  [​IMG]   Nice job on your first chuck smoke  [​IMG]
  10. Real good looking cook!  I did my first Chucky yesterday, too.  Even though it was my first, after everything I had read here about how fast they go, I made two.  [​IMG]   They do go fast!  Real nice job on yours!
  11. Thanks SB. Next time I will definitely smoke two.

    Frog I just saw your post about your chukies yesterday and they look they looked great. I am especially interested in your southwest with tequila lime finish. I bet that one was nice and juicy. Nice job on yours and thanks for the comments on mine.    
  12. I was just playing around and mixed a rub with garlic, cumin, smoked paprika, chipotle pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and salt.  Let that sit on overnight, cooked at 240 until IT was about 165.  Wrapped in foil with added tequila, lime juice, a little worcestershire and some more chipotle pepper.  Cooked to just over 205, then pulled.  Next time I think I will try some finely minced chipotles in adobo sauce in the foil, that should add some great flavor.
  13. Thanks for the recipe. Those are a lot of flavors I like and usually keep in the pantry. I bet adding some chipotle peppers and adobe sauce to the foiling juice would be awesome. Maybe even adding a couple chopped fresh jalapenos also. I think I may be trying this real soon.
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     There are several types of chuckies out there. Some pull better than others. I like the Underblades and the 7 Bone chucks the most. I even take them to 210º IT. Seems to be the number for me.
  15. I have heard of 7 bone roasts (didn't know they were chuck) never heard of an underblade roast. Are there any other names for them? Are they all around the same size or does one particular cut tend to yield bigger roasts?
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    Here ya go.

    Underblades are probably what you see the most in grocery stores.
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    Beside not wrapping in foil what sugar or spice will turn it to some great dark ?
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    I'm sorry I should have previewed the post first..It should read "Beside not wrapping in foil what sugar or spice will turn it to some great BARK? Sorry I'm new..:grilling_smilie:
  19. It's all good, I understood you. That's why I wrapp in peach paper on non coated butcher paper. You get some of the benefits of wrapping in foil but since ít breathes you still get a nice bark. That's what's so cool about this forum, we all have our own tequniques and preferences but can also see how others do it too. :biggrin:

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