First Chuck Roast Bad Timing

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  1. OK let me say this I didn't plan on a storm during the middle of my first go at a chuck roast(its suppose to storm tomorrow, But I guess it is Kansas)  so here is what I've done so far.

    I put this on (as I like garlic a lot) after I used Jeffs rub..

    I injected with red creek a friend sent me from Amarillo TX.. Have anybody tried this stuff?

    3.5 lbs. chuck roast Stuck it in smoker at 9pm smoker is a char griller pro with firebox and mods to smoke stack and flipped charcoal pan with holes drilled small on fire box side and bigger on stack side

    cant tell but its putting off thin blue smoke and its at 235

    i have a question I use the minion method and every time I run out of fuel 6hrs later do u guys just throw more unlit coals in or is there away to keep the fire going longer I seem to start to lose temp around 6hrs I keep the ash from blue bag charcoal dumped but I only have a small amount of glowing red ones left using a 12x12x6  expanded metal basket. im currently using apple wood chopped from tree a year ago it burns great but seems to burn to fast if I throw it on top of my coals. Should I try and put it away from basket it smokes heavy at first then I cut down the damper and that's how I get thin blue smoke also when I add more charcoal after its burn all of my basket full it putts of a lot of white smoke which I know cant be good but not sure how to keep smoking when my basket is almost burned all the charcoal? when u guys first start your minion method due you guys let all the white smoke calm down before putting on meat?
  2. 4hrs in
  3. pulled of smoker at 3am It was 205 waited 1.5hr then pulled it.
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    6 hrs for a 3.5 lb chuckie, unwrapped.  That's right.

    I don't have an offset, but when I need to add more fuel to my WSM it really depends on what temp I'm using to smoke.  If I'm going hot and fast I add hot charcoal fired up in a chimney.  If I'm doing low and slow I add cold charcoal around the edges of the hot pile.  No reason you couldn't do the same in your offset. Adding cold wood around the edges works the same way.

    When starting my fire initially it always burns white/grey smoke in the beginning.  I watch for the smoke juuuuust starting to get hints of blue, then I add my meat.

    To keep a fire going longer you can individually pack your initial load of charcoal so that there is minimum spacing between the briquettes and they are packed tightly.  I'm not that patient.  I dump, arrange, then just add charcoal when needed.

    Great looking pulled chuckie BTW!
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  5. Thank you for info this site is so cool

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