First Christmas ham in bread dough

Discussion in 'Pork' started by steffen, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. First trail for the big Xmas feast. [​IMG][/IMG]
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    Lovely looking ham Steffen. How did you cook that?


    p.s, Do you cook much of your meat on the BBQ actually at Christmas?
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    More info. , Stephen [​IMG]   How was it prepared and Wade and I want to know if you Smoked the Ham [​IMG]

    Details , Grasshopper [​IMG]  and a lot of Q-view . . .

    Have fun and . . .
  4. Started of with a brine Christmassy spices, orange juice and nitrit salt to keep the colour of the ham. Injected in the ham than submerged for 24 hours. Next day poured brine through a sieve to catch the spices. Made up a 10% nitrit salt brine injected again. After four days take it out and wrap it tidily in a linen cloth. And bind it with string.
    take a big pot with water bring it to boil and put the whole thing in. Let it get back to boil for a minute or so. Than reduce the heat to a water temp just below 80 c. Use a probe with a wine cork pushed over so it floats in the water. I take as guideline one hour per kilo. Had 2.5 kg of meat 2.5 hours simmer. Take pot of the heat and let it cool down in the water over night. Next day make bread dough, use about 1.5 kg of flour for this size of ham.
    roll it out so it is about 1.5 cm thick. Put ham fat side down on the dough.
    fold the dough around the ham like you pack a present make the corners wet and push them gently on. Carefully turn the ham over and put on a flour sprinkled tray.
    brush top with egg or water and poke holes in with a wooden skewer. Put in preheated oven by 210 c until crust is nice and brown. Than turn down to 160-180 c check with probe internal temp. When you get to 78 c it's ready.
    cut about 5 cm from the bottom all the way around carefully not to deep so you don't cut the ham. Take lid of cut stings of. Serve the bread with the ham.
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    Cool, never heard if such a dish! Looks tasty!
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    I see from the photos that you left the butchers string on the meat while it is being baked in the bread.Would the meat firm enough (once it has been cooked and cooled in the water) to take it off before wrapping it in the dough?
  8. Good morning.
    I leave the strings on becouse it was a deboned leg and I don't want it to open up wile cooking. Of to work now.
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    Thanks for another dish to try!


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    Hi Steffen, that looks great! :drool

    I see you have also altered your picture.

    Smokin Monkey

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