First chickins, QVIEW!!!!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by chalupabatman, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. chalupabatman

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    First time doing chickens in the MB Cabinet. Rubbed em down with some basic BBQ rub I have after laying down some mustard. I couldnt get much under the skin, will need to work on that for next time. I am cooking with 90% Apple, 10% hickory, in foil packets over propane. Temp about 270, will kick it up a bit to crisp up the skin as I approach 165. 1.5 hours in at 146IT.
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    Looks like those chickens are doing a tango! They are looking tasty!
  3. chalupabatman

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    Thanks!! Cant wait to tear into them!!
  4. chalupabatman

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    All done! Now a brief rest and then DINNER.
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  5. chalupabatman

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    Nice smoke, that looks real tasty... If this helps, to lift the skin on the bird.... Take a spoon and with the front of the spoon, just work the front (flat) point of the spoon underneath real easy & it'll come up... Some are kinda easy to tear, just gotta be careful !
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    Nice Chickens , I can't get mine to dance that well [​IMG]    Good looking Birds, and it looks marvelous on the plate . 

       See mine isn't 'Posing' pretty like yours [​IMG]  .

    Have fun and .  . .

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