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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by pasmoker73, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Used my AMPS with cherry pellets in main chamber of my offset stick smoker for about 3 1/2 hours. Got the pepper jack a little too close at one point and it melted a bit but I just put that side on the bottom LOL. Pretty happy with the first attempt. There is Gouda, yellow cheddar, Colby jack, horseradish cheddar and jalapeno pepper jack.
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    All the cheeses look great!

    I put the tube smoker in the firebox on my RF offset to smoke cheese.

    It keeps the CC much cooler & there is enough draft to pull the smoke thru.

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    I have been waiting for some cooler weather to try smoking some cheese.
    Looks like your cheese turned out pretty good!
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    Man I love smoked cheese. Looks great

    I have yet to make my own but the 100+ Southern California temps are keeping me from doing it now.
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  5. Thanks everyone. The cheese was a big hit at the party. One of the guys grabbed a couple slices to put on his burger and then everybody else followed suit. MMMMM smoked gouda on a burger [​IMG]
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    That is amazing that you did that many cheeses on your first cold smoke. It is even more amazing that you shared your first smoked cheese at a party. My first was with only about 2.5 lbs of cheddar out of the fridge. It turned out great but got a little hot. It did not ruin the cheese. I was smoking ribs at the same time in the first chamber of my Louisiana Champion grill/smoker. I waxed three and ate the fourth a few days later. Not the least bitter and I learned a ton.
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    PAS73, Nice job on the cheese !
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