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  1. So I have done about 30-40 pork butts in the MES40.  I finally built a UDS and did a test run with some chickens which were pretty darn good.  Today I decided to smoke two butts (0.99/lb on base) for my subordinates.  Used the new weed burner to start the lump and jack barrel chunks.  Had a hard time getting temps up then maintaining for more than 2 hours but that's another post.  One probe for my Maverick 733 is fubar'd so I just let it cook.  About 7 hrs in I opened lid and checked temps. One was at 162 and other at 185.  Since it was getting late evening I decided to toss them in oven to finish (first time ever).  They were past the stall so I was good with setting oven at 275.  Finished one to 205 and other to 196.  Smoke ring was good and flavor was better than in MES.  I didn't take pics of before but we all know what raw pork butt looks likes.  I added some apple cider vinegar to bottom of pan when i tossed into oven with some rub... Finished product- 

    On the positive side- these two butts only took about 9 hrs total.  I was amazed as in the MES I would smoke em for 16+ hrs.
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    EQ, Nice looking PP,that will feed the crew!

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