First Butt with AMNPS (with Q-View)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bitterman, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody! I'm very new to smoking but a long time griller.   I got a MES 30 Digital as an early birthday present.  We've done baby backs and a small butt previously and they came out good although the butt stalled badly and people were getting hungry.  It only got to about 175 IT so we were only able to pull maybe half of it.  The built in chip loader is certainly easy to use on the MES but as most of you know it is a pain in the butt having to pay attention and add chips every half hour or so.  Then you get a ton of smoke before it settles down...not what you want!

    So I ordered up an AMNPS from Todd and some pellets.  Got an 8 lb butt which was rubbed and wrapped last night.  Heated up the smoker and got the AMNPS burning nicely.  Hopefully have a yummy lunch tomorrow!

    Ready for the smoker:

    Loaded up with the AMNPS burning away!

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  2. kathrynn

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    Looking great so are things going?

  3. So far so good! AMNPS is burning great and the butt is up to 115. :)

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    What smoker temp are you running?
  5. It's been hovering around 230.

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  6. It looks like I'm getting a lot of heat as well as smoke from the AMNPS. Using the directions Todd emailed me - chip loader backed out 2", chip tray open 1.5", top vent fully open it would seem I'm getting way too much oxygen. Temp was going up on its own (electric heater never turned on) and got up to 242.

    Also checked and almost burned through two rows on the AMNPS in about 4 hours.

    I've closed the chip loader and top vent way down and the temp in the smoker is coming down to where I want it.

    Looks like I will be babysitting it for a while until everything settles down. Silly me thought I was going to get a good night's sleep! :p

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  7. Looks good, I like the smoker also. What type of wood are you using for your pork?
  8. Thanks, I'm trying a mix of apple and hickory for this one.

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  9. Butt is out of the smoker and then wrapped and into the cooler until our guests show up.

    Will post pics after it's pulled!  [​IMG]


  10. The butt turned out great and the AMNPS was a great asset too.  Everybody loved the pork and wanted to take leftovers home.  Couldn't have done it without help from this site.  Thanks everybody! [​IMG]


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