First butt smoke

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  1. I've been doing ribs, chicken, and tenderloin all summer in my offset smoker, now it's time for my first butt. Up at 4am, there's a slight nip in the air, the coffee is hot and so is the smoker. Hopefully I can get these two 6lb beauties ready in time for the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game. Along with 3 slabs of Baby backs, I will be good regardless of who wins or loses. More q-view to come. Roll Tide!

    4.5 hours later and it's time to add those slabs of babies to the mix.

    6 hours down. 3.5 hours to game time. Butts at 160 IT. Time to pull and foil for the rest of the smoke. Wrapping the ribs for the next two hours.

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    Looks great & Roll Tide!!

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