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  1. First of all I would like to thank this forum for all the hints and tips. The charcoal basket mods and temperature probe ports are nice improvements on the WSM. The heads up on it running hot for the first few smokes was very comforting. I'm getting close to 10 smokes on it and I can almost go the distance now with only adjusting the one bottom vent and the other 2 closed.

     I previously did a butt on my kettle but it was a little tedious maintaining a low temperature, tasted ok. Not worth the baby sitting in my opinion. I was anxious to try some on my new smoker. I picked a package up this spring with 2 butts for $1.28 / lb. (wish I would have stocked up). I guess the one was around 5 pounds and the other around 8. I took the advice from the forum and cooked them to 205. The smaller one was done in around 8 hours and the larger one took around 12 hours. The smaller one was a little tough to pull but tasted great, the larger one fell apart. I don't know if the smaller one rested too long, any ideas? I used a little finishing sauce which was a hit as well. Not sure how much meat I got out of the smaller one but on the larger one I harvested 5 1/2 pounds of pork. Vacuum sealed the left overs. Great smoke flavor, not much fussing with with the smoker. I'm now waiting for another sale.

    Ready to go, smoker at 225.

    Smaller one ready to foil.

    End product, smaller butt

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    Looks great! It might just be that the smaller one was just a tougher cut. It happens sometimes. Are you sure that your probes are accurate? Have you tested them in boiling water and ice water?  The cook times don't quite sound right for sunning the smoker at 225*. Are you using the temp gauge on the smoker or a remote for your smoker temp? If you're using the gauge that came with the smoker have you compared it to another gauge?
  3. I'm using 2 mavericks, one older one and one newer one. The temperature is at the grate, it runs about 30 degrees hotter than the dome temperature. Yes the probes are accurate. I'm only guess at the weight of each butt btw so that could be where some of the cook time error comes into play. I was thinking both butts were 12 pounds but my memory could easily fail me. I'll note the next time for trouble shooting. I really didn't have to have this done at a certain time so I really didn't care, when it was done it was done I figured. I did think 1 1/2 hours per pound though would give me a rough estimated.
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  4. If your probes are accurate I'd go with "some critters are just tougher than others" theory. It happens.
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    Ditto what Bama bbq said..
  6. LOL, ok. looks like I have to do more for a test.[​IMG]


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