First Butt in the New Smoker! w/ QView

Discussion in 'Pork' started by slonaker, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Well, as I've said in my ealier posts, I absolutely LOVE my new MES 40!  I got to try a pork butt in there yesterday and it came out AMAZING!


    A 7-lb with a simple rub (from the MES manual) of salt, brown sugar, and chili powder.  I had a different rub in mind, but I wanted to try this one for the "inaugural" run.


    Sorry, this pic is blown out a bit - it was @#$% BRIGHT outside!  But, here's it is in the smoker.  I had some old apricot wine I used, along with some water, in the water pan and also used pecan wood chips for smoke.  The smells all around the back patio were "intoxicating!"


    Doing a FINE job so far!


    It didn't have quite the bark that I was expecting, but  O H  M Y  L O R D  the flavor!  Tender to the bone.


    The plated pork butt with some mashed sweet potatoes w/ walnuts, garlic-roasted cauliflower and jalapeno and some applesauce.
  2. raptor700

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    That butt looks awesome!

    Did you pull it at 195º for slicing?

    That's the way I like to do mine,

    Great job

  3. Actually, I pulled it at 160° and let it rest for about 10 minutes before slicing. We ate what we wanted (plus a LOT of nibbling), took some for lunch, gave some to the neighbors, put some in the freezer and had enough left (along with the bone) for a kick @$$ pot of beans for tonight.
  4. smokinal

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    I'm surprised it was so tender at 160. It sure looks good!   [​IMG]
  5. sqwib

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    160? Interesting...  I would have thought 190 for slicing.

    Great Job and Q looks awesome
  6. I may not have had the probe in right (and I thought 160 was considered "medium" for pork).  But, it was cooked through and turned out quite tender.  The bone didn't slide right out like I would've expected, but it wasn't hard to cut or chew at all.  Oh well, gives me an excuse to try another one and "experiment."  Thanks, everyone, for the input.
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