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Discussion in 'Pork' started by buckinducks, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. buckinducks

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    Starting my first butt ever tomorow wanted to start small so going with a 5 pounder. Using an mes 30 with amnps hickory pellots cause that's what I have in hand atm. Rubbed with mustard and a pre mix rub that just had basic gosp in it. Going to start the smoker at 220 is this to high? And cook the butt till it reaches 200? Anyone have an estimated time it will take or if my temps are off ? Thanks!
  2. 220F is ok if you really want this to be a LONG smoke.  I smoke my butts at 240-250F.  If sticking with 220 I would allow 2 to 2.5 hours a pound. 

    Cook to Internal temp of 203F and remember the butt is done when it is done.  I just had a 7.5 lb. butt take 19 the meat dictates when it is finished. 

    We could use some more info.......are you going to foil (hope not [​IMG]),  are you going to spritz (you add time to the cook when you open the darn door) etc. 

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    Hey, Padronman...I too am a butt rookie and all I have ever read anywhere is to foil at a certain IT. What do you do different and why? I would really like to get all the info I can.

    Also, I prefer Perdomo's....LOL!

  4. buckinducks

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    Thanks this is the info I like , so I'll cook at a higher temp and the foil thing I was maybe going to do because it helps not dry it out right? But that depends on how it looks , wasn't planning to spritz but I have done it on ribs.
  5. I NEVER's just a preference of some.  If you are planning for a long smoke go without foil and the bark you get will be AWESOME.  Also since you are using an MES I wouldn't put water in the water pan as you will steam the butt too much in my opinion.  Some put rock or sand in the pan to help keep a steadier temp. 

    There is so much fat in the butts they wont dry out if you DONT foil.......the foiling just speeds up the smoke.

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  6. I do butts between 230° and 250°. I never foil. I smoke the whole time and smoke to 200°-205°.

    The last 9 LBer went 24.5 hours. When it stalls go get a beverage and be patient. Remember

     to post a Qview.

    Happy smoken.

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    Beauty of this forum is that you will get different opinions most of the time to all questions! LOL

    Personally I think foiling (usually when the IT hits 165) outweigh the benefits from unfoiled. Last weekend I smoked two butts, one foiled at 165, and the other unfoiled for the entire smoke....see my thread:

    Unfortunately I did find that an unfoiled butt was more dry then a foiled one...unfortunately you do sacrifice that great bark it really comes down to you own personal taste.

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  8. buckinducks

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    Because this is my first butt and it's a little smaller im going to play this one as I go , from reading your awesome replies I'm going to try to steady it between 230 and 250 probably closer to the 230 range . The butt I'm going to take off at 203. The foil I'm going to decide once it hits that foil temp 160? If it looks dried out I'm going to foil , if the bark looks to awesome to wreck I'm going to keep it unfoiled , if it is a bit dry a little BBQ sauce never hurt anyone 😏
  9. knifebld

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    Sounds like a plan! Maybe put a foiling pan on the bottom self to save all the pork drippings...then mix them back in to the meat after you pulled it. :)
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  10. jbills5

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    It should not look dried out.  If you want bark, don't wrap.  If you are okay with a mushier bark, wrap it up.  But, a pork butt should not dry out wrapped or not.  You can spritz with some apple juice if you think the outside looks dry, but the internal meat will not get dry unless you cook it to an internal temp of 300 degrees
  11. What he said [​IMG]   There is SO much fat running through these things that they wont dry out.  Like I said mine went 19 hours unfoiled and when I pulled the pork the juices were amazing and mixed in well. 

  12. What Scott said.

    I had a 4 pound butt go 16 hours a few days ago. The outside looked burnt to all hell. The bark was to die for. Flavorful and tasty. Not burnt at all. The inside was one of the best butts I have done. Moist and tender with a great smoke ring. I'll show you a pic.

    Don't forget to let it rest before pulling.


    P.S. I did not foil.
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  13. buckinducks

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    So the consensus is no foil I'll try and stick that as I know I will enjoy the bark !
  14. buckinducks

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  15. buckinducks

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    I also made the jjs finishing sauce , tastes vinegary off the tip off the finger but will see what it's like tomorrow once the flavours have blended
  16. buckinducks

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    And we're off
  17. roller

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    I do mine at 250..and if this is your first one you will loose most of your hair before its could take 8 hrs and it could take 18 hrs...just leave the door closed and have plenty of refreshments on hand...Good luck...
  18. buckinducks

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    Thanks ! Really hope it doesn't take that long if it's going above 10 hours I might have to foil it
  19. How big is the Butt? 
  20. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    5 pounds . Exactly 2 hours under heat now

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