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  1. Good day, SMF Family

    Tried posting this on Saturday, but the pics wouldnt upload from my ipad.

    Saturday, I did 8# od Brisket and 8# of boston but on my smoker for the cousins BBQ down on my farm (there was about 15 people, but my mama was harassing me and saying that I bought enough meat to feed 100, more on that at the end).  Since this is the beef forum I will focus more on the brisket.

    The Butcher shop was closed Friday after work, so I got my meat at Giant Eagle (the cuts are bad at all for a chain store).  The brisket was a bit fatty on the back (3/4 inch) so I trimmed it down to about 1.4 inch.

    For the most part I make my own rubs (I slightly cheat on my pork rub, as 1/8 of it is based off an applewood rub I buy at walmart).  for the brisket my rub consists of (paprika, CBP, Coarse Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chipotle Chili power, Cayenne pepper, Brown sugar, and coffe grounds).  I am an "injector", so I will boil some of the rub in water and apple cider vinegar the night before, strain it and use that for my brine.

    I rubbed the meat @ 7P and left it in the fridge til midnight:

    Woke up @ 4A to start the smoker each cut was a little over 8# and dinner was at 7P, so I wanted about 14H @ 225-230degrees.

    425A and I dump the chimney of royal oak into firebox to light up his buddies:

    4:54 and I am stabilized at ~230deg, so I plop on the meat.  TBS was already rolling, but the camera on the iPhone couldnt see it in the dark.

    10:30 Halfway into my second stick of red maple (cut down from my own property) and my first reload of coal.  got some nice TBS IMHO:

    Amazeingly both cuts hit their temps today within 12 minutes of each other (192 for the brisket and 180 for the pork, slicing the pork as I dont have bearclaws)

    and have to include the obligeotary smoke ring pic (to back of my phone was covered with grease at this point, so it it a little fuzzy)

    All cut up and ready to be served (Thanks mama)

    All in all, the meat and the Cousins BBQ in general was a resounding sucess.  The meat was flying off the plate faster than my mama cut cut it (She later recanted her story about it being enough for 100 people).  Everyone loved both cuts (although the brisket always flys faster than the pork),  I am a bit spoliled as an ohio resident when it comes to people appreciating my BBQ, in NE OH, there might be a total of 5 or so places that serve real southern style smoked BBQ, so when people here have home smoked meat it is like not much they ever tasted.

    Thought for todays smoke.  I dont normally get up at 4A,  This peace and quiet of 4-7 was good for the mind, and I definately had to praise God for the beautiful day and time to bond with my cousins and their youngins.

    I hope I did this Qview proper.

    Have a great day,

  2. seenred

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    That looks delicious, Jeremy!  Very nicely done!  Most certainly is proper Qview!

  3. hambone1950

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    Amen , brother. That was a fine post from the beginning to the end. The bbq all looks sensational. I bet everybody was real happy with it.
    Sounds like a good fun family time with great food. That is where it's at.

  4. It was an awesome time. I wish I would have taken vids of my mama's and my uncles dogs.  Wasnt as funny of Piaconis's dog doing circles, but as soon as they smelled they smoker, they wouldnt leave my side until the food came off.

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