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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mpcrewcab, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. mpcrewcab

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    Hi I've been lurking for a while and yesterday I started my build. 80 gal air tank got real cheap. 2 2x10 1/4 sheets for $50 and the rest I have around. I've got my fb done and ready to cut door in cc tomorrow. Now to see if I can upload pics!
  2. mpcrewcab

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    And BTW thanks to Alaska as mine will be very similar to his.
  3. mpcrewcab

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  4. mpcrewcab

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  5. mpcrewcab

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  6. mpcrewcab

    mpcrewcab Newbie

    Sorry for the double posts I'm new at posting stuff
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    Looks good so far
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    Looking good so far, welcome to the forum.  I'm not sure how your tank is built, but mine has a welded seam at the bottom.  I decided to put that weld up top at about 11 o'clock [away from the door opening].  I didn't want to cut through it and it gave me a bit more material up top to (slight overlap) to attach hinges to.  Also my tank is very old and the bottom was pitted / rusted.  

  9. alaska

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    You are more than welcome but I must admit if copyright were an issue I would be in deep DooDoo. I have pestered so many folks on the forum with my questions and to my surprise I still have all of their support still. Mother Nature has thrown me a curve ball amounting to -28 but I'm still slinging sparks.

    Post Photos I'm peeping on a daily basis.
  10. mpcrewcab

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    I put my weld seam more towards the bottom it worked out good. My door had almost zero spring very happy about that.I got the cc and fb welded,door done now trying to figure out my legs and chimney.
  11. Looking good

  12. mpcrewcab

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    I did a burn out tonight but how long is an adequate time? Hoping to do a test run this weekend.not too bad for a week project!

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