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  1. I decided to make buckboard bacon. I am not sure what type of pork roast I used but it came out pretty good. I decided to make two different recipes so that I could experiment with different flavours.

    I cut the bone out and butterflied the roast. I forgot to take pics of the initial roast.

    Recipe #1 ( dark coloured pork)
    603 g of pork
    9.1 g of salt
    3 g CBP
    61g of molasses
    1.1 g pink salt

    Recipe 2 ( lighter coloured pork)
    1012 g of pork
    62 g of maple syrup
    1.9 g pink salt

    I kept the meat in cure for 10 days and air dried for two days in fridge to form the pellicle.

    The picture above is after curing and drying in my bar fridge.

    The pictures above are finished drying, in the smoker and after being smoked. I used two pans of cherry wood.
    I then let it set for 24 hours in the fridge.

    Them I cut it, had some for breakfast and portioned it. I liked both recipes, probably could have used less molasses. I think I like the sweetness level around the 5% range. Also, this tasted more like ham, which, IMHO is not too bad. If I had to pick a favourite out of these I would pick the maple syrup recipe. I am surprised though, I couldn't really detect maple flavouring only the sweetness from the syrup.
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  2. mdboatbum

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    Congrats!! The bacon looks incredible. Great job!!
  3. Haven't done Buckboard Yet   Got to try that next

  4. Thanks MD. I was very pleased with the results.

    Gary or anyone else, you should try to do some. It does not cost as much as bellies and is a comparable product..

    In solidarity,

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    I use to buy BBB from a friend before he passed. He called it Hawaiian style ham!

    I'll be make making some soon...
  6. What cut did you use? How long did you smoke it for and at what temp?
  7. I will probably give it a try next

  8. Honestly Beaver I am not too sure what cut of meat it was. I bought half a hog and they cut it for me and left the bellies whole. It worked fine whatever it was.

    As for how long I smoked it, probably about 2 hours - 2 pans of wood.

    As for the temperature, I have no idea. I have a basic aluminum smoker which I put a hot plate in. I have a mark on the burner dial where I find it works best.

    I don't even have a temperature probe to tell the temp of the meat. I just know that it needs to be cooked prior to eating.

    So in a nutshell, I don't have any answers for you. I have lots of room for improvement. What I think is most important is getting the cure right.

    In solidarity,

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    I looked at the meat close and it looks like part of the pork butt.  Really like the results.  Your finished product looks great.  I have done buckboard and have used pork butt.  Reinhard

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