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Discussion in 'Beef' started by leosmith78, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. ladies and gents,

    doing my first brisket...a small one in case i mess it up. I was wondering, how long do you think it'll take a 3 pound brisket to get up to 170 F, with it being smoked at 220?

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    In order to provide an accurate answer we will need some qualifying criteria like the ambient temperature at the location of your smoke, current weather conditions, any windchill factor, the time of day or night, type of smoker, wall thickness, insulated or not, any mods that you may have done, what type of wood, wet or dry, chips or chunks or logs, green or seasoned..........

    Or you can just use the standard rulle of thumb of 1.5 hours per pound of meat at 225 degree smoker temp. Don't forget to account for the resting time in the cooler. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  3. good call, i knew i was forgetting something! i want to sear it first, so the temp should be "up there"...sorry to be ambiguous. Weather is supposed to be in the upper 30's and I'll be using my MES with soaked, seasoned chips. it's insulated and hods its heat rather well. I want to pull it off at 170 and wrap in foil for at least an hour, then slice. so at 1.5 hours per pound, i'm looking at at least 4.5 hours, but that's not including the sear.
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    I'm sorry I should have qualified the fact that I was only kidding about all that other stuff, it does make a difference however and I guess that is where a certain degree of Kentucky windage comes into play. I am seriously challenged when it comes to providing humor in a forum. I'll work on that!

    Correct, 4.5 not including sear or rest time.
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    First you will only get a ballpark number so about maybe and some where around 5 hours or so. I use almost 1.5 hours a pound for a ballpark.
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    In my opinion 170° is not done for a smoked brisket, most go to about 195°
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    Well, did it turn out?
  8. Sorry, I'm not smoking until today...that is, if the weather holds out. We are gettin some nasty rain here in eastern VA. I can smoke in almost any weather, but I hate smoking in the rain! I'll post Q-View, tho. I realize I'm just going to get a ballpark temp...I'm gonna use a probe. 170-175 is my target temp, then I'll wrap.

    Do you think I should wrap until 195 for slicing?

    I was going to try the "smoke in a pan" method, but I wanted to get maximum smoke since it's such a small brisket, but I think I'll just use a drip pan.

    Should I have chosen a larger cut? Can/will a small brisket turn out?

    I apologize if my questions are redundant and I thank you gus for your replies!

    I'll also throw on a super fatty (two rolled into one), chicken thighs for gumbo, and some ground beef for chili

    Sunday, wings and stuffed jalapenos will go on for the big game.

  9. Well, the weather isn't lookin much better...looks like snow/rain mix...even worse than just the rain. I wanted to split my smoke up between today and tomorrow: brisket and fatty today, wings and peppers tomorrow for the big game. Dunno, may wait until tomorrow for everything tho.

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    I have never heard of anyone doing brisket to anything under 190
  11. Well, the brisket turned out great, tho my rub was a little off this time. The weather was nasty! Wings and poppers going on'll be cold, but at least no rain.

    We were hungry, so I wrapped at 170 and finished it in the oven until 185. I shuoulda removed the fatcap prior to slicing...all-in-all, this brisket turned fantastic. Very happy with it.

    here's the Q-View as promised

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