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  1. 3 hours into my first brisket. I put it on at 5am and I'm slightly concerned because it's already at 158 degrees 3.5 hours in. I'm using an MES 40 with mailbox mod in Louisiana. I have a the water bowl in with a little ACV. I have my MES set at 275 but my thermometer that I put in there is reading 235. The thermometer I am using was checked with ice water/ boiling water so I know it's good. I just don't trust the MES built in thermometer. I think it will stall soon so I shouldn't worry but I have people coming over and it's my wife's birthday. Oh yeah rubbed it with SPOG.


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  2. Watch your heat. 235 is where I cook mine at. Brisket WILL stall. I aim for a 201-203 temp after about 16 hours. I do 15-17lb briskets.  Remember its about an hour to hour and a half per pound or so.  I would say just monitor your heat input, leave the door shut, dont peek, sit back and have a beer! 
  3. Thanks. We are just short of 5 hours and at IT of 171. I opened it to spray ACV on it for a second and it looks good. It was only 9.75lbs before trimming so i think it will be done early and I'll wrap it in foil and towels and put it in a cooler. How long will it stay hot in the cooler?
  4. Wrapped with foil and towels into a cooler, You will be good for a several hours.  Before you wrap it in foil give it a little sprits of what your using, the meat will suck the moisture back up while resting.
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    If you put some towels below and above it, it should last for a number of hours.  Remember food safety, you want the IT to remain above 150. Most likely you are good for at least 2 hours and possibly more. It's a good idea to keep a wired therm in it so you can monitor the IT from outside the cooler.   
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    Or you can put it in a 170 degree oven & it will stay hot indefinitely.

    Just be sure to add some liquid to the pan & use double wrap foil over the pan.

    I use those throwaway aluminum pans, if your catching the juices in a pan below the brisket, just use that.

  7. Just pulled it at 190 IT. Started checking with skewer at 185. It's double wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler resting. Forgot to get a picture but I will get some before slicing. Took 9 hours which is about 1 hour per pound at 235-240 degrees. I plan to slice and serve it in about 1.5 hours. I had a foul pan on the rack below catching drippings and I'm going to seperate the fat and add to some BBQ sauce. Any other ideas for the drippings.
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    Hope it's great! 🕖
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    I can't wait for the pics!  [​IMG]

  10. Brisket tasted amazing and was moist and tender. Maybe a little longer next time but I am very happy. Thanks for the assistance everyone, this is the reason I love this forum.

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    Great Job!  [​IMG]

    190 is probably the lowest temp I would pull.  It only gets better between 190 and 205, just poke it with the skewer until it slides in with no resistance anywhere, like warm butter!  Your brisket looks fantastic!


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