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Discussion in 'Beef' started by nstoltzner, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Hello all!

    Over the weekend I did my first brisket, and it came out pretty decent.  Just wasn't what I expected?

    It was an 11 lb packer that I trimmed down to around 10 from my estimates of size.  I separated the tip and the flat per a butchering guide which also went well.  The trouble started when I threw it on the smoker.  My smoker was running a bit hot at 250 degrees or so since it was 110 degrees outside which didn't worry me too much.  What ended up happening was that the brisket was done in a mere six hours at 200 IT.  It had very little smoke flavor, and zero smoke ring.  I am looking for advice to fix this next time.
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    Hi nstoltzner, I have a few questions that may help figure out where things went wrong.  First what kind of smoker do you have?  250 degrees is not that hot, was this temperature measured on the included thermometer in the top of the smoker or have you added thermometers at grill level?  To cook that fast I would guess actual temperature was 350 degree or more.  You said it wasn't smoky, did you use chunks of wood or wood chips?  Was the brisket tender?
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    Welcome to the Site

    PleaseI send pics of your set-up and your fuel and we can better understand your problem .

    Have fun and . . .

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