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Discussion in 'Beef' started by jake628, Jul 7, 2011.

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    I will be doing my first brisket this weekend and would like some guidance.  I recently upgraded my smoker to the Traeger Lil Tex Elite and absolutely love it.  I have a 5.5lb flat cut brisket we got from Costco.  Traeger has a great cooking guide called Brisket 101 that pretty much walks you through the process but I still have some questions.  They suggest to foil the brisket when the IT reaches 160 and continue cooking till the temp reaches 190.  Since I have had terrible luck with foil wrapped items I plan to use a disposable alum pan and just cover it good.  Would this be a good time to add some liquids and/or aromatics while it is covered for flavor like we do for ribs and shoulders?  What would be the estimated total cooking time for this size brisket?
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    That is what I do with mine and it turns out good....

    I add some apple juice at this point.....

    I would say around nine hrs could be shorter or longer I would add a hour or two, then hold in a cooler.

    some one should be by to give you better info in just a bit.

    good luck.
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    sunman76 has you covered, I like to go with a (minimum) cook time of 2 hrs per pound.

     The more time you allow for cooking, the better.

    It will hold for several hours in a cooler wrapped with towels if it's done early.

       [​IMG]  and remember the Qview
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    Sounds like the guys have your answers!
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    good Luck
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    Yup---Sunman covered it real well!!!

    I only add very slight differences in mine:

    Foil mixture at 165˚ for Beef:

    Apple juice----------------------------6 ounces

    Kens Teriyaki Marinade------------1 ounce

    BBQ Sauce (your favorite)---------2 ounces

    I also take it to 200˚ IT for slicing, but I use an electric knife for slicing it (could get very tender).

    Nothing wrong with what you already have there though!!!

    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]We'll be watching..........[/font]


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    Sounds like they got you covered.
  8. to foil or not to foil, that seems to be a bit of a debate around here.

    good luck and congrats on the smoker!

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