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    I have been reading this forum a lot over the past year. I was smoking some chickens on a weber kettle grill. Then for my birthday this year my wife bought me a Char-Griller smoking pro. I put some of the mods in before even curing it once it was assembled. I lowered the smoke stack, added 2 new thermometers, Heat Baffle, and coal basket from expanded metal. I have used one of these grills in the past at a friends and knew these mods were all needed. I have to adjust my heat baffle a little as the firebox side of the grill was a little bit cooler than the far side.

    Onto the Brisket.

    I rubbed the brisket with Texas BBQ rub brisket blend.

    I allowed that to sit for a few hours while my wife and I went out shopping for the day. When we got home I got the smoker going, when it was up to temp I placed the brisket on at about 4 in the afternoon.

    I used Hickory Chunks for smoke, used these for about 4 hours. Also after that amount of time, i started using the apple juice / spice rum spritz that has been recommended many times on here.

    When the temp of the meat got to 165 I foiled it, and dumped the rest of spritz in the foil and let it cook until 195. At that point it was about 2:30am

    I didn't have a cooler to place the brisket in. My old cooler was horrible, wouldn't keep ice frozen for more than an hour so with bulky waste a couple of weeks ago I put it at the curb, to force me to buy a new one. I was thinking what I could do with it, so I wrapped the meat in Foil, put it in a plastic bag, and wrapped it all in 2 towels. Then stuck it in the microwave (not turned on) I figured it was a good some what insulated box to keep it in.

    I went to sleep for the rest of the night, when I woke up the inside of the microwave was still very warm so I left everything as is.

    At about 2 in the afternoon I took the brisket out, unwrapped it to get it ready for slicing. It was still very warm!!!

    I started slicing it while trying to avoid all the fingers that were stealing pieces of it. I had my brothers, their finance's and my parents up. They could not believe how good it had turned out.

    I was nervous as this was my first brisket and first anything I have done besides some whole chickens in the past. I learned a few things and there is some stuff I will do differently next time but I am very happy with how everything turned out. I owe a big THANKS to this forum.

    The brisket as I got it from the Butcher

    Trimmed up, I left a majority of the bottom fat on, to protect it from heat fluctuation, I also smoked it fat side down, I did not flip it or turn it at all, the only time the meat was moved was to put it in the foil




    about 10 hours later

    And sliced

    This was served with grilled corn, Avocado Salad, and a Roasted Potato Salad

    * sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, it looses some detail

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    Very nice,,, looks very good indeed ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. txbbqman

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    [​IMG] Looks awesome Thanks for sharing
  4. forluvofsmoke

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    Nice first brisky! Looks like it turned out pretty well. Good job!

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    Looks great, nice smoke ring. I think the pics came out OK also, thanks.
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    Great looking brisket Paul!! Nice job!
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    Looks like you are off to a great start. Nice job

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