First Brisket with QView

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  1. Had the family over for a my first brisket smoke...pressure was on!  Got a 12lber from the local butcher.  It was pretty well trimmed so I basically left it as is other than removing the large, tough chunk of fat from the corner ("corn??")

    Rubbed with cracked black, green and red peppercorns and some fresh ground Himalayan salt.

    Loaded the ANMPS with some competition blend for ~8hr smoke.

    And the finished deal.  I put it on at midnight, pulled it at 4PM the next day. Kept it in the a roasting pan the whole time and foiled it after 8hrs of smoking.

    IT was 201, and put it into a cooler for 3 hrs before cutting.  Bark was perfect.  Probably should've pulled it at ~195 for that rest time, the end was a little dry.   The temp control wasn't the best, between 225-275.  Figured out that keeping water in my MES cookmaster is key.  Everyone loved it though.  Majority of people had never had proper bbq and certainly never a proper brisket.  Served it with Dutch's wicked baked beans, mac&cheese, coleslaw, corn on the cob and greek salad.  Was a great meal for 18 or so people.

    Learned a lot on this smoke but definitely happy that I have gone with an electric setup with an ANMPS for these long smokes.  Can run it overnight without touching things which is great.  I'm thinking a mailbox mod is in order now though.  Keeping the ANMPS going with lots of water in the smoker is near impossible.
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    Nice job.....not the easiest cook to do. Menu sounds great and you pulled it off for company.....Willie
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     Sounds like a meal anyone would enjoy. Keep up the good work!

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