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Discussion in 'Beef' started by heliboydoesbbq, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. My smokes have been a little too sucessfull lately and NOW I have a friend who wants me to do a Brisket! Sounded like a good challenge so I made the Preperations and A awoke this moring to put it on .. a bit strage I was having one of those dreams where you dream you alarm clock is going off and then freak out and wake youeself up to find that the alarm is going to go off in 5 minutes.. PERFECT! but both alarms were and hour late DARN! I started the fire at 5am ... and already in hind sight it should have been 4am!

    The Brisket is a 6 pounder.. rubbed with a spicy chilli rub. and is going to be on with two pork shoulders, dudestrami and a mac and cheese later!

    9lb pork shoulder bone in on left and the 6LB brisket on right..
    at the beginning

    The Dudestrami on the left and the little 4lber pork shoulder on the right (for a different friend.)

    We recently Moved and this is my NEW kitchen.. I HATE renting!

    Stay Tuned More Que-View on it way

    AFTER THEsE messages WE'll be RIGHT back!

    Thanks for looking!

  2. fourthwind

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    Look forward to the q/view. My family has done the same thing to me. I have done 4 Briskets in the last month for the various factions of the family. Good news is they get to buy the meat and lubricating liquids for the cook![​IMG]
  3. rivet

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    Hey Heli, haven't seen you for a while, welcome back. Congratulations on your move and great que going on today. Keep us posted!
  4. I just put on the dudestrami and the little shoulder..
    and some Eggs..

    Just to blow some minds
  5. Here is the meats at 6hrs ... looking good thats for sure!

    Brisket has platued at 155... and SO has the Pork! heres to the low and slow!

    AND One of the friends that are contributing wants to make a fattay!! so I get to do the tutorial and make him do a weave!! I post when he gets going in the approriate ZONE..

  6. fire it up

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    Really nice looking meat, always know that plateau is coming but can't ever stop it *shaking my fist at the plateau
  7. cajunsmoke13

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    Looking good heliboy...going to be some good eating.
  8. beer-b-q

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    Meat looks great Heliboy...
  9. alx

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    Awesome Heli..Nice looking place you got..I hate not being able to do what i want ...Thanks for Q-View and welcome back so to speak.....
  10. mballi3011

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    Thats some fine looking meat in there heliboy. Thats your first brisket it looks like your an old pro. What did do with the eggs? You have to love those pastramis
  11. IT was a late one.. BUT after patiently defeating the plateue the brisket went into the "O" at 170 deg. to make room for the rest of the app's q/view on here, and the dudestrami waited it out on the smoker for a while longer.. till 195 deg..

    Now this time it got really really interesting timing wise as I had so many temperatures to look after,, I wish I had a second even a third digi therm to help me out.. BUT in the end the Brisket was Delishious although a bit on the dry side.. even with the braising solution of capt morgan , apple juice molasses and maple syrup... I was using on the spritz... it still slliced out fine.. but dry...

    I might have rushed it at the end.. with all the sleep deprevation and company.. 15 people waiting since the advertised 7pm feast which we sat down for at 830... I told em and told em .. its done when its done... I loved the comment about me putting the meat in the cooler .. " what now it has to rest? before we show it the knife? "

    over all Brisket was good the company liked it but I had reservations
    the Dudestrami was SALTY!!!! oh so salty! Even after 8hrs in the water with 2-3 changes.. but no one knows about that because I saved it till today in the cooler (still warm) to slice.. great color and texture, moist but SALTY! TOO SALTY darn it.. NEXT time I'm going to soak it for a week and to a fry test... I guess you gotta do these thing to learn!

    HA so without further ado... the QUE VIEW!!!

    The view right before I took off the Pulled pork which has the therm in it.

    Slicing Brisket

    Smoke RING!


    The other things that I had to make room for
    2 mac and cheese, 16 Jalepeno ABTs 8 Habernero HABTs
    And a Fattay (see other posts)

    Mac and cheese and fattay before I pulled them... people are at the table remember.. Hungery ... waiting.... I felt like the Soup natzi...

    All the best!!

    Thanks for looking!!

  12. eman

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    put some raw peeled taters in w/ your soak . will draw out more salt.
  13. dropastone

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    Mighty fine Mighty fine looking grub you got there. Man that makes me hungry. I got a rack of spares and the trimming on now as I speak. After that Qveiw I think I'm gonna go sample some scraps.

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