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Discussion in 'Beef' started by cebingham3, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Finally took the plunge and tried my first brisket for my dad's birthday party last night. Started with a 6# flat from SAMs. Got it home and trimmed a little fat, scored it, rubbed it with A-1, and SPOG. Put it on yesterday morning around 8 at 235 with some hickory and let it roll. When IT hit 158 I think it hit the stall. Because I was serving it for dinner and pressed for time I went ahead and wrapped it with apple juice, more A-1, and some BBQ sauce. Let it go to 199, pulled it off and wrapped it in more foil and towels and into the cooler it went for about 30 minutes. Took it out and cut it and served. I was very pleased with how it turned out and everyone really enjoyed it. I was nervous going in with all the poor outcomes I've read about.

    Thanks to Bearcarver for the great how-to he did on brisket flats.

    I only got one pic out of the whole process, but it shows the finished product.

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  2. bearcarver

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    That looks Great !![​IMG]

    Good enough for some-----[​IMG]

    Nice Job![​IMG]

  3. Thanks. Can't wait to try it with that au jus in the fridge from the foil drippings.
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    Yup---That'll be even better.

    Flats are so closely trimmed, it's hard to keep them moist---The Au Jus takes care of any of that.

    Some of that juice came from the meat---Might as well put it back in.

  5. Nice smoke ring. I can see some nice sandwiches coming up!
  6. Sandwiches...totally agree!  Get some sour cream and prepared horseradish sauce (50/50) add a little pepper and put it on the sandwich.  Super killer and you'll never eat it without it again!  Well...for me anyhow.  Nice job on the brisket cebingham!!!  I'm going to pick up my brand new Green Mtn. Jim Bowie smoker tomorrow.  My bbq island is getting build as I type.  I'll have my Viking grill on one end and the GMG Jim Bowie on the other.  Can't wait!  I'll post picks when it's all done.  Patio cover with 2 TV's...gonna be sweet!

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