First Brisket - wish me luck

Discussion in 'Beef' started by desiredusername, May 22, 2016.

  1. Up at 3:30 getting everything more or less ready and got the chimney going in preparation of the smoke on my WSM. Made some rookie mistakes early but I think I'm on the right track now.

    Here she is just after trimming and with her best dress on (SPOG).

    Now here she is coming out of the fridge to warm up before the smoke.

    Up with the birds.

    Got the chimney going (this is where I messed up.) Had way too much in there. Heat was up to 320*. Had the pan foiled but after half an hour with no luck bringing her down I added water to the pan. Right now I'm sitting around 225* trying to bring 'er back up slowly to 250*.

    Here she is when I threw her on.

    Now we wait... more pics to follow!
  2. Chilly (53*) out so I'm using the WSM as a foot warmer 😀
  3. 2 and a half hours in. IT is sitting at 138* and WSM is sitting at 244*. Turned her over for the pic.
  4. seenred

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    Morning DU...looking good so far!  I'll bet its gonna be tasty...good luck!

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out...


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  5. patg

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    Looking good I'm in for the haul
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  6. lancep

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    Hey good luck! Looks like you're off to a great start. Just remember patience is the most important ingredient. Hope you got some strong coffee!
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  7. ckynick

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    Nice, good luck, whether it turns out amazing or not exactly the way you wanted it dont be to hard on yourself, you still have some damn good beef.

    By the way, love your set up, i have the same weber grill. Got lucky one day and walked into lowes, they had it miss marked as a returned item and marked down to 549.99.

    Good luck!
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  8. mike5051

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    Looking great so far!

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  9. icyhot

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    Looks good. I'm in. Can't wait to see finished product
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  10. Looks great!
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  11. tropics

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    I'm in


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  12. 549?? That's a deal and a half! IT is sitting at 158* almost ready to put her in the tent 😀 will take a pic at 160* when I open the lid!
  13. smokinal

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    Sounds like everything is right on track.

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  14. Ahhh not too much coffee... I'm due for my nap now but I'm a few beers, a coffee, a Rockstar, and a Caesar deep 😀 gotta love a long weekend.

    He she is before I wrapped her a few minutes ago.
  15. So I got it done and everyone was happy with the result. I learned a lot from this experience and really appreciate the tips I got from everyone while I was preparing and planning for this smoke.

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  16. tropics

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    DU that looks great,good job for the first time.How many hrs did it take? Points

  17. dukeburger

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    Great looking brisket, great live thread! Points!
  18. redheelerdog

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    Nice brisket - good job!
  19. Hey Richie... Thanks!  It was about 12 hours before I got it in the cooler to rest.  I ended up panning it with some beer and took a nap fully expecting to wake up and find that it had stalled but after an hour and a half my wife woke me up in a panic saying that the IT was up to 190* (from 160* when I had panned it.)  I freaked out lol  What happened to the stall?  I got it out and separated the flat from the point then put it back on without foil to firm it up a bit and finish it off.  We used the liquid from the pan and some trimmed fat to make a gravy.  (Turned out better than I had hoped.)

    This was where I made my second mistake.  I left the lid off when I was separating and used up pretty much the rest of my fuel.  I ended up adding more briquettes and getting the smoker back up to temp and was worried because the IT started dropping (fast).  Did what I could to get it back up and, at the end of the day, you could pull it apart with a fork.

    Thanks for watching, I'm going to start a new thread with questions so it's better next time!  
  20. So, I gotta ask, how big was the piece of meat you cooked?  

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