First Brisket w/Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by nola saints smoker, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Doing my first brisket tomorrow. It was 8.94 lbs. Slathered with mustard and injected with beef broth. Rubbed, wrapped and in the fridge for a rest. Hoping all comes out good. Looking for a moist and tender brisket that can be sliced. My plan is to smoke until internal temp of 160* then place in foil pan with juices and cover w/saran wrap. Will pull when the internal temp reaches 190-195*.
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    I would not use saran wrap; foil over the foil pan sounds better.  I take my brisket to 165* before foiling, then to 195* for slicing and 205* for pulling/shredding.  Leave it wrapped and rest for at least 1 hour (2 is better) before slicing or pulling.
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    +1 for foil. Also when you put it in the foil pan dump a beer in with it. It won't taste like beer at all when it is done, and you will have lots of awesome ajus.
  4. I meant to say foil over the foil pan, not saran wrap. Tried posting pictures, but not working.
  5. Trying again to post pictures.
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    With the new forums you can just upload to here if you've got the pictures on your computer.  If you don't still have them it's easy enough to download from photobucket then upload. 


    I just did this one using the "image URL" function.  Might be an issue with photobucket URL.

    <img src="">

    And an attempt just using html code.. 

    That didn't work.  I'd bet this has all been discussed since the changeover but I haven't messed with it, just used the new upload..
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    Here you go.

    Hit the little insert image icon then click image URL insert your link leaving off the front and rear.

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    Doh, didn't think of trying his links..
  9. Thanks guys. Haven't posted much since the change over to the new format. Just got all of my electronics back since my house was struck by lightning two weeks ago.

    It's 3:07 am and getting ready to place the brisket on the smoker. Will post more pictures later.
  10. It's now 4.5 hrs in and the internal temp is 174*. Seems kinda fast to get to that temp in such a short period of time. Smoker temp has remained between 245-255*. No stall yet. Have not foiled yet. Replaced temp probe to see if temp is the same and it is. The temp probe slid in and out easily so I am not sure if I should place in a foil pan and cover. Will wait another 30-45 min and see what happens. will post pictures at that time.
  11. Pulled at 170*, seperated the point and flat. Placed the point in a foil pan, added some of the juice and covered with foil. Back in the smoker. Placed the flat back on the grill for burnt ends. Forgot to take pictures before I wrapped. Will do so when I remove from the pan.
  12. It's 9:40 and the internal temp is 187*. This brisket never hit a stall. Is this possible? it's only been on the smoker for 6 hrs and the temps have been maintained at 250-270*. What's up with this?
  13. I try to never go over 250. I like 235 myself.
  14. Re-positioned the thermo and the temp fell. It may have been in a fatty area. Anyways, it is now at 180. Still no stall.
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    Might have just been due to your higher cooking temps. Brisket I usually cook between 200° & 225°.

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