First Brisket Update - Cooked on 1/1/15

Discussion in 'Beef' started by john brennan, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone! I asked a few days prior to new years about some tips regarding brisket and my overall game plan. Well the results turned out great. Wanted to share my experience with everyone. 

    I rubbed the brisket down with mustard and seasoned about 3.5 hours before placing on the smoker. I've been using a book that discusses smoking, making rubs, etc as a reference and used his recommendations for creating my rub: 4 parts salt/sweet, 2 parts color, 1 part heat, 1 part flavor. I didn't follow it exactly because I didn't use any sugar and that would be a lot of salt. I added a 1/4 cup of salt, 1/4 cup of our local BBQ rub here in Upper Sandusky Ohio (red and just has great flavor), 1/8 cup of black pepper, a strong dash of cayenne pepper, 1/8 cup of garlic powder, 1/8 cup of onion powder. 

    I use a weber charcoal smoker, however mother nature made starting my charcoal difficult. 15 degree highs with 15-25 mph winds was not ideal. Removed my top rack and closed the lid as far as possible. Worked out well once I figured that out. 

    2 hours into the smoke. 

    After about 4-5 hours of smoking (5 lb. piece of meat), I pulled at 195-200 after using a toothpick. Went in and out in every spot like butter so I knew it was done. Wrapped in foil and placed in a cooler for a few. 

    Meat was tender, moist, and delicious (minus being a little heavy on salt still). I'll fix that next time. Thanks for your help everyone! 
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    Looks great! Your local rub most likely has salt in it just like ones from the store. I make a rub with no salt then I just salt the meat seperatly. However I just SPOG brisket after I hit it with worchestshire sauce. Any sliced pic's or burnt ends?
  3. I'll have to check on the local rub to see its contents again. I stayed away from worchestshire because I was afraid of too much salt. I unfortunately didn't take any photos of the slices. It did have a nice smoke ring. Didn't cut up any burnt ends. 
  4. Looks Good especially for your first brisket. You'll get the seasoning figured out. I've tried a lot of different rubs and seasonings anymore I just use Salt and Pepper.   Good Job


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