First Brisket Smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by red beard, May 25, 2016.

  1. Bought brisket:

    Took it out of Frig at 5am to let it warm up.  (this didn't really work or I needed to do it longer)

    At 7am I rubbed it down with olive oil and applied a Prime Rib Rub.  Started smoker to 225 degrees

    At 8am Placed Brisket on smoker (internal temp 49 degrees)

    Basting every hour or so with beer 

    1pm Brisket hit 150 degrees removed and wrapped in foil added half a bottle of beer:

    Continued at 225 degrees

    At 4pm ,  Guest arriving at 5pm so wife convinced me to raise smoker temp to 270 degrees

    At 6pm internal temp 189 degrees, removed and put in cooler. Only let it rest for 20mins.  Everyone was hungry:

    Came out amazing.  I think there is room for improvement.  Going to try a different rub, plan the cook time better and let rest for at least an hour.

    Comments?, suggestions? are always appreciated.  Love this forum.
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  2. Looks delicious!
    Well done
  3. smokinal

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    That's a great job on your first brisket!

    I think you figured out that if you would have left the temp at 225 & had more time to let it finish you would have had a better result. At 225 with a finish temp of 195 your brisket would have been even better. You don't need to rest it in a cooler, just leave it on the counter for 30 to 40 minutes & it's ready to slice.

    I bet you can't wait to try this again!

  4. Yep, can't wait to do it again.  Briskets from Costco are great.  not to mention they have Traeger 33 lbs pellet bags for $19.99
  5. martyj

    martyj Fire Starter

    When your monitoring the internal temp, are you taking the temp from the flat or the point?

    Thanks for your help
  6. smokinal

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    I see that this your first post, so at your leisure would you swing by Roll Call & introduce yourself.

    That way we can all give you a proper welcome.

    As for your question, I put the probe in the thickest part of the flat. Right under the end of the point.

    Sometimes I use 2 probes, one in the flat & one in the point.

  7. martyj

    martyj Fire Starter

    I sure will. Thanks for your help

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