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Discussion in 'Beef' started by cptn jon, May 2, 2012.

  1. Smoked my first brisket (an 8 lb’er) today, had a problem getting the temps down (wasn’t successful it cooked at 250 or so). Prep went well, stored in fridg over night, let warm to room temp before it went into the smoker (a Brinkman Vertical Gas water unit). Started the smoke about 0645 hours and applied smoke through the cook time of 8 hours. Removed it at 3 PM, covered it and let stand for about an hour. Sliced it up for dinner (I did keep some out for lunch tomorrow) and placed the largest part in the freezer for later. It did turn out well for what I would call a somewhat fast smoke, but it is fork tender and well flavored. Overall I’m pleased with the task.

    I did send Brinkmann an e-mail asking about how to control the temps and that the LPG was almost shut-off and the control knob was on LOW. I also explained about the unreliable thermo in the unit. As of this posting I have not had a reply.

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    Most here agree that smoking should be done to Temp vs. time. I'd suggest using temp probes for the meat and another for the smoker temp. Time varies alot between meat cuts\fat content not weight. The brisket looks awesome !! Great job !!
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      It looks great and 250 is not too high for most things. Just make sure you have an acurite temp probe in the meat. Keep up the good smokes!

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    looks good . i used to smoked  it at 225f but now i do it at 200f . 
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    The brisket looks really good! 

    I had the same temp problem with my GOSM and I added a needle valve and it really helped to keep the temp lower and more controllable.

    I wouldn't worry about the stock thermometer on your Brinkmann, they are all not very accurate and just go ahead and get a good digital therm like the Maverick ET-732 or ET-73, they both have 2 probes, 1 for the meat and 1 for the smoker temp. They have remotes so you can monitor temps from inside and not have to walk to your smoker all the time to know what's going on.

    Those two things alone will make your smoking much easier and less stressful.

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