First Brisket smoke and need some pointers.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rbranstner, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. rbranstner

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    Well I have been smoking for several years and have smoked just about everyting I have wanted to except for a brisket. I picked up a flat today at Sam's and I am going to smoke it in the coming weeks. I have been looking through lots of posts doing research but I was wondering what I should use for a rub (will jeff's rub be good? or Bad Byrons Butt Rub?), what is a good injection? If I am using a flat will I still have some good pieces that I can use to make these AWESOME burnt ends everyone raves about? Thanks for your help guys.
  2. 3montes

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    The burnt ends come from the point so you would have needed to get a full packer brisket. Point and flat. I am no expert by any means as my first one failed due to a poorly placed meat probe. By failed I mean that it just was not as moist and tender as I would have liked but when a guy devotes several hours to prep time and 13+ hours on the smoker one has certain expectations [​IMG] I have never injected so I cant offer any advice on that. Sounds like you have done your research so you know about smoker temps and intenal meat temps etc. Then it becomes to foil or not to foil??? I was going for the not to foil with mine and had I not placed the meat probe in a bad spot I think it would have been very succesfull.
    I used a rub from the called Brisket of Love Rub or something on that order. Go the there web site and use their search feature and you will find it. It is perfect!! [​IMG]
  3. bigslick

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    I use a dry rub I found on this site that i get good reviews on, it is brown sugar (less than in my pork rub) paprika, chili powder, salt, cbp, garlic and onion powder and I added cumin and cayenne. I prefer less sweet on the brisket but everyone has their own taste.

    I have had trouble keeping the flat as moist as I would like, it comes out tender for sure, I injected the last flat and had improved results, used a mix of apple juice, cider vinegar, bourbon, honey and maple syrup really loved the taste though it was not very strong in the finished brisket

    I was wondering about doing burnt ends from the flat too, would like to do the whole brisket one time as burnt ends, hopefully a seasoned expert will chime in here with a comment. Only issue I see is the flat isn't as moist so you would have to keep a closer eye on it maybe??

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  4. I used Bad Byrons on my 2 that I've done and they were mighty tasty! That said, I've only done 2 and they didnt turn out like I've seen on TV. Yummy, but not GREAT. My problem, not the rub. I never foiled, over-cooked them, etc. Live and learn. Sam's is stull fairly cheap so I really have no excuses to try it again.

    Good luck and give us some qview please
  5. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    As I said before I am not experienced with brisket at all. When I was at sams all they had were flats and some other kind of brisket which I am assuming is the full packer. It had the flat attached to it and what I am assuming is the point but it just didn't look like I always see you guys show in your pictures??? They weren't very big so maybe that's why it looked a little strange. Both of the supposed packers (Is that what they call them in the meat dept?) had some strange coloring/mold on them so I went with the flat.
  6. ellymae

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    I use the brisket rub in Smoke and Spice and cut down on the pepper. Some folks just use salt and pepper. I don't inject and haven't been disappointed.
    Don't fear the brisket, rub it and throw it on the cooker. Make sure you factor in come cooler time.
    Can you do burnt ends? Well - technically not since you are using a flat, but it doesn't mean that you can't take some of the flat, cube it up, re -season and sauce and throw it back on - will still be tasty.
  7. IMHO - I love the taste of the Brisket (beef) so I only use a rub of salt, fresh ground black pepper and some granulated garlic. I get more of the beefs flavor using this simple rub.

    I have had some other peoples Briskets that all I could taste was the rub.
  8. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Can anyone give me a recipe for a brisket rub and an injection. I have been searching for over an hour and can't find anything. I was thinking about a apple juice style or beef broth style injection. Thanks Have to run into work just got called in. [​IMG] Work is interfering with my smoking research. haha
  9. acemakr

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    I've only done one myself - it was awful. Had the texture of discarded tires used to build artificial reefs off the Florida coast.

    Will be following your exploits.
  10. mballi3011

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    I haven't done that many briskets but enough to say that I can smoke them and they come out pretty darn good. But as far as rubs they are like a.... holes everyone has one or two. I have liked Jeff's rub and sauce it's that good and it helps keep this place here. But other rubs I like (store bought) are the Butt Rub is good another is Old Bay Rub I like it then there's a local rub here called Ole C'untry Boyz rub and it's really good too. In fact I'm using them on a big smoke that I'm doing this weekend 4 butts and 4 shoulders from some wild hog.
  11. jerrykr

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    Here's a really simple brisket that's hard to beat.

    Get a full packer, 13 lbs or so. Don't do trimming or anything to it. Rub it up with salt and ground black pepper. Put it in your UDS over your favorite wood, (oak down here in Texas). Put the temp probe in the thickest part of the brisket and take it to 205F. Foil it in heavy foil, place in a cooler under a towel and let it rest for an hour or so.

    A famous BBQ joint in Dallas said fat cap up on national TV, so that's the way I go. Up/Down, probably makes little difference.

    Don't fool with it, mop it etc. while it's smoking, leave it alone, keep your UDS going at what-ever temp you think best.

    Slice it up and enjoy! The eater is responsible for trimming the fat off his/her slices.

    Serve with bread or saltine crackers and a Big Red soda.

    Just my .02. Hope it helps.

  12. triplebq

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    You can use Angelos Beef rub and mix it with Adams brsket rub . Careful with the Angelos as it brings the heat ,since his BBQ joint sells more beer than Cowboys RedRiver ! The injection should be Butcher's hands down .
    But there is a Texas BBQ rub that is excellent for home made and is being sold on the net .. it won the people's choice at a KCBS event twice .. I do NOT sell but have used it with great results but I prefer my homemade mixture of heat and sweet from blending the two I mentioned . I know STUBBS rub without lime is excellent as well on brisket .. you can use the lime on chicken with great results .
    my .02 cents worth
  13. pike

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    KC style brisket rub

    this is base for my rubs that i build up from. you'll go nuts over this rub and you can add anything that you like, just stick with the measurements used in this recipe,

    Shot at 2010-02-02

    tho i add alot more to this recipe, these 2 spices are a must have
    (find these at bass pro shop)

    By null at 2010-02-15
  14. ddave

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    Ah yes, the first briskie smoke . . . almost a rite of passage at SMF. So many ways to do it and lots of ways to make 'em taste great.

    Here is a picture of a full packer in case you're wondering what they look like.

    And here's a good web site that will help you figure out where the point is and where the flat is among other things.

    As far as rubs go, I just like a little kosher salt, cracked black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder on mine. But the sky is the limit here. LOTS of different choices.

    Here's a link to the basic brisket smoke sticky on here.

    As with many other new things you can really psyche yourself out if your not careful. I found that my first brisket tasted AWESOME and wasn't nearly as difficult or complicated as I thought it was going to be.

    Don't fear the brisky. Just sit back and enjoy it.[​IMG]


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