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Discussion in 'Beef' started by ricka77, May 24, 2014.

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    I picked up my first full brisket flat on Friday.  It weighed in at just about 9 Lbs, and had a 3/4" fat cap at one side, but thinned out as it went across.  I trimmed a little, and made my first too deep scrape....not sweating it though.  It's been rubbed up with 5 cups of own little mix I use on a bunch of stuff.  All wrapped up in foil and bags, sitting in a cooler outside on ice.  I'm looking to get it on the rack by 7:30am tomorrow morning, about 1.25 hours per pound, wrapping it after 5 hours or 150-160 stall.  Looking for final of 195 inside, and then a 45 minute rest.

    I have my WSM all set up already.  Just need to grab a few briqs in the chimney to get it started.  Using applewood as well, might throw in a few handfuls of hickory chips too.  I'm hoping to keep it at 225 to 250 for the majority of the time.  I'll crank it up a bit after it gets wrapped.


  2. Hello.  That "looks" to me to be a full packer brisket not a flat, I could be wrong.  Good luck with the smoke.  Keep Smokin!

  3. ricka77

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    So the brisket is on at about 225 as of 8:30am.  I started getting it all ready around 7:30, and was worrying a bit about the temp getting over 200 before I put the brisket in...but patience took over and made me wait....always a good thing.

    Lessons learned so far....No more rub going on overnight.  It makes a big mess in the morning, and a lot of got real thick and just fell off the meat.  But it was still covered in rub goodness, smoking away.

    I called for a flat, but then asked for a whole packer at pickup..  The guy said they usually only get flats, but then brings out what I got...He said it was about 9 Lbs, and a little thick where the point was.  I do think I may try another butcher for next time, this was just a place I've gone to for years for grilling foods.  

    More updates to come, as it goes...Next pic update is...well, not until it's done 'cause they're aint no peekin!  I may be a rook, but I do know if If I'm looking, I'm not cookin!

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    Looking good. Can't wait to see the end result.
  5. ricka77

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    Everything looking good so far...Temp has been pretty steady between 225 and 235.  I am a bit concerned it seems to be cooking faster than I thought it would though.  It went on by 0830 and has already hit an IT of 151.  I stuck the probe through the thickest part I could find and about 3/4 of the way in.  I just closed one damper all the way and the other two are at about 20% and 50% open respectively..

    I know it still has another 40 degrees at least to hit my target, but I thought it would take much, much longer.  It doesn't seem to be stalling yet either, although I'm expecting that around 160, but not too far off..

    So I'll let it go for a bit.  I'm going to pull the rack off in a bit to check the water pan.  I think it's starting to get low.  I used the injection(beef broth and some rub), and a bottle of Sierra Nevada in the water pan.  Might have to add another beer later to keep the moisture high, and leave enough to go with the natural drippings and make a sauce..

    The whole house smells so good.....  I love this new hobby!
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    Hopefully you don't have one of those monster stalls! Better to be done sooner than later that's for sure.
  7. ricka77

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    The brisket has been wrapped.  I pulled it at IT 162 on the probe.  I used another digital and it read between 154 and 164, so I decided it was time to wrap.  I had to make a sheet of foil big enough by folding multiple pieces together, but it's wrapped up nice and tight, and back in the smoker.

    Had a slight crisis, as the lid of the smoker was off while I wrapped it.  That gave the coals all the air-fuel they needed to almost fully light the chamber.  Temp went as high as 385, then I closed the dampers and exhaust for 5 minutes.  It's now back down to 241, but I'm not sure if the coals are all dead.  I opened 2 of the dampers 50% and exhaust all the way.  That slowed the temp drop, and hopefully it stays in the range to finish properly.  IT now at 162, air temp at not looking too bad.  I already have the oven hot at 225 in case I lost control and the coals die.

    Thinking another 2-3 hours to hit IT of 195, then 60-90 rest in the cooler...which reminds me, I should get the ice out of it now and make it ready before I forget.  The first liquid refreshments have been opened...I promised the wife I would wait until at 12 noon...  

    It looked pretty good too when I wrapped it, but clearly needed to "fall apart" a few more hours and I'm a hopin....
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    Just got back from a quick trip to the store..  Checked the meat and it was at 190 on the probe.  With a hand held it came in between 192 and 204 in different areas, so I pulled it from the heat.  I couldn't imagine it needing to be any higher...

    It was then wrapped in a few blankets and placed in a cooler.  Now I wait...and wait...and wait.  I'm going to give it at least 90 minutes, maybe, probably more...  I'm still debating on how much to chop and how much to slice...but I suppose it depends on how much I get out of it when I get that far...  I still have to reduce the sauce a bit, but it smells so good.  Looking forward to brisket a few different ways later tonight..
  9. brooksy

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    Don't forget the pics!!
  10. ricka77

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    So it was a successful smoke day....I'm barely able to focus on the screen, it was such a good time.  A few extra friends showed up and partied late into the night.

    As for the food...After a few people showed up, I took the brisket in, and unwrapped it's awesomeness..  It looked amazing.  I sliced it the best I could, and then trimmed some fat off each slice.  The slices got cut into little cubes and then tossed in the sauce I made, which was beef broth, beer, and rub...  

    The reviews came in, and they were great.  I've always been the group grillmaster..  But I figured when moving up to the big boy toys I might make some mistakes that would affect final product in a negative way...but not a piece was left over.  I had people who normally eat very little going back for thirds.  Plus there were burgers and dogs to accompany the brisket, along with general snack foods and a finale of Hoodsie cups around the new fire pit..

    I learned a few things for next time, and am still excited to get the smoke rolling again.  I'm thinking a couple of birds will be good.  I have another BBQ/Grill day at a friends house next week, and along with my customary steak tips I always bring, I may do another early wake up and smoke two chickens to bring along...

    There was one bad part the end of the night, I'd have to admit the wife and I were not in a "let's clean up now" mode.  So we just made sure everything was off and cooling, and that nothing important was left outside, as overnight T-storms were expected.. 

    Well...everything except the wife's phone, with all of my Qview on it...So this morning, when we discover her phone was left on the box from the new firepit..and it rained, and the box top became concave and effectively drowned her phone...  Yeah, she's still pissed..

    So I have no final Qview to show off, unless the phone miraculously survives, in which I will update this thread..

    Thanks to all who followed along and offered advice through the day..  It's been fun, and I look forward to another day of smoke!

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