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Discussion in 'Beef' started by facepeeler, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. After spending the past 9 months mastering my UDS with countless racks of ribs and pork butts, I decided I was ready for a whole packer. I injected with a beef base injection, rubbed with a rub I bought at Academy Sports, and cooked over Kingsford blue and cherry for 8 hours @ 250. Everything turned out excellent, had a juicy brisket with that perfect amount of tug. Only thing Im not sure about was the flavor. It tasted a lot like pot roast. Is that supposed to happen? I know I didnt get a lot of smoke flavor by using cherry, but that pot roast flavor has me confused. My only frame of reference has been bbq joint brisket, which doesnt taste the same. Is that right? Any ideas?
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    Sounds like the BEEF BASE injection you used took away from the original flavor of the brisket...... 9 months mastering a udscountless racks of ribs and pork buttsTaking pictures and posting qveiwPRICELESS....................................
  3. Yep that!
  4. Yeah, yeah...I know. Im usually a one man show, and I get all wrapped up in what Im doing that I forget to take photos. I really do mean to take pictures, but it just never works out that way.

    And yes, I was kinda wondering if the injection had something to do with it. I wasn't that thrilled with the rub I used, Im going to try a couple different things on the next one, including throwing some hickory or mesquite chunks in with the cherry. 
  5. when using a fruit wood, in my opinion youre not going to get much of a smoky flavor to it when it comes to brisket. i always always always cut my fruit woods with something like hickory, mesquite, or a mixture of both heck even throw some pecan in there. pecan and apple is my go to for brisket.
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    Right on's just a downside to injecting.  It's not bad, just takes away some of the natural brisket flavor and unless it is a commercial injection with phosphates, it's doing little to retain moisture, just flavoring. 

    Try a lump charcoal next time with some hickory or pecan or mesquite chunks, lump works so good in UDS setups. 

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