First Brisket Point cook on WSM

Discussion in 'Beef' started by outspoken, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. outspoken

    outspoken Newbie

    Hey all, thanks to everyone who has given a ton of information on the forum here. Most of my info has been from the following threads:

    Basic Brisket Smoke -

    Brisket fat up or down? -

    Salt and Pepper for Brisket - By weight or volume? -

    I decided to do a 50/50 Kosher Salt and ground Black Pepper on my 4lb Brisket Point cut.

    Started around 9AM today, got the meat on around 9:30. The smoker has been hovering between 270-290. KBB and Apple wood chunks. Had the idea to put the chimney in the bottom ring to start the circle for the minion method and dump the coals around it, I'm sure others do it this way but it was one of those "ah-ha" moments for me.

    Latest update as of 1:50PM, 5 or so hours into the cook:

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  2. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    It looks good already :) Looking forward to see the final result. 
  3. crazymoon

    crazymoon Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    OS, looking good ,keep us posted!
  4. outspoken

    outspoken Newbie

    Getting there... about to pull it and wrap. It's sitting pretty at 191 IT

  5. b-one

    b-one Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looking good! Making any burnt ends?
  6. outspoken

    outspoken Newbie

    Pulled it at 206 and it went right in the fridge overnight. It's going to be heated up in the oven before friends and family come over today. The big bird is being done in the other oven, on track for a 3pm feast! I'll post pics of the slices.

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