First brisket on new WSM w/Q-view!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by falconer, Feb 4, 2015.

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    New WSM 18 with CyberQ. Did a rib smoke to warm up my technique, and today I had to do this brisket. Been in my fridge for a bit and it was SCREAMING at me to fire up that bad boy!

    So this AM I fired up the rig, dialed it in to 250ºF, put a very basic salt-and-pepper rub on the brisket, and let it rip. 6 hours later, it was toothpick-tender most of the way through, but I had to leave for at least an hour and a half, so I pulled it and foiled it (which I was not going to do just to try it) and left it at 250º. This is just before I pulled it:

    Got back 2 1/2 hours later, ran from the truck, and pulled it. Perfect! Toothpick slid all the way through and fell out the other side (well, OK, almost!). Let it rest while I made a sauce for it. Based it on the one in the Aaron Franklin vids, and it was decent. I'll add to it next time, but it was a good compliment to the meat.

    After half an hour or so it was ready for the cutting board:

    Sliced very nicely, too. Slices held together but I could pull them apart with a fork once on the plate:

    All in all I was very pleased. It's only the third brisket I've ever done, and the first one was boot leather, and the second was very small but came out great in the GOSM.

    But this WSM with the CyberQ has me sold. I was hesitant to get the CyberQ because of the cost, but it's already proved its worth in this household. I did notice that the SP rub didn't add a lot of flavor to the meat. I used it sparingly so as to not oversalt. But next time, I am going to put a more complex rub on it. Not as sweet as my pork rubs, but still want something with some zing to it...

    My wife loves it when I experiment with food.. :)


    Kingman, AZ

    WSM 18, Weber 22 Kettle, Weber Genesis Silver B, GOSM Propane
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  2. krubby

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    wow that looks awesome
  3. jirodriguez

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    Nice! Great job!

    Yeah.... you have to remember that's a big cut of meat and your only seasoning the outside, so don't be afraid to add a decent amount of rub to it. For brisket I do equal parts fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, and garlic powder - usually about 1/4 cup of each. Then I really rub that into the meat really well and let it sit while I get my WSM fired up and up to temp.
  4. Nice job, looks tasty !!

  5. crazymoon

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    F,  Nice looking brisket , well done !
  6. b-one

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    Tasty looking brisket!
  7. good looking brisket falconer. taste vittles.

  8. Your Bark and meat color loos spot on.  Great job

  9. twoalpha

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    Looks outstanding on the WSM
  10. Looks great !!!!!
  11. one eyed jack

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    Good looking results Falconer.
  12. disco

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    Terrific looking brisket!


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