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  1. I have an MES 40 and have mostly smoked pork spare ribs and baby backs. I have also done a couple tri-tips and a lot of chicken. Anyway my experience has mostly been with these meats which I have gotten pretty good at.

    So this weekend I was invited to a big potluck/ cookout. I wanted to try smoking a couple briskets since it would feed quit a few people.

    So I rubbed the briskets using Jeff's rub and set the smoker for 230. Using hickory I smoked the brisket for about 7 hours until I had an IT of 175. I pulled the briskets put them in foil pans with about a half cup of apple juice and water. I covered with foil and back in smoker for about 4.5 more hours till IT of about 198. I then pulled wrapped in a towel and placed in a cooler (by the way I learned this whole procedure browsing on this site). Next I I seperated flat and point and carved. The meat came out excellent. Good flavor very tender and it was a hit at the party. It was all gone in about 20 minutes. My only complaint was no smoke ring. It had good bark, maybe a little soft (probably because I foiled it) I was very disappointed with the appearance. I have helped a friend who has a big offset stick burner and mine was just as tender and tasted just as good but his looks a lot better and has a beautiful smoke ring. He caters and is into competion and doesn't want to share any tips with me.

    Any opinions and help with my procedure would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is just my personal observation, I don't think I ever get a smoke ring when using an electric. That just may be me, but I don't even look anymore. I did a butt last week, 22 hours, great bark, no smoke ring. I do get a smoke ring with the stick burner even with charcoal.

    Course I still have not seen TBS from an electric either.

    Just my personal observations.
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    Yep you won't get the smoke ring using an electric or gas smoker. You need to use a wood fired one to get the best smoke ring, or a charcoal smoker. Even with the charcoal I've found you get a better smoke ring using lump versus briquettes. With that said, I don't worry about the ring as long as it tastes good! I've had some pretty crummy tasting BBQ that had the smoke ring!
  4. Ok. Thanks. I did not know that about an electric smoker. On my ribs I never had one but I thought for sure this brisket with a long smoke would have a smoke ring for sure. I was so excited anticipating my first brisket with a big smoke ring so it was pretty disappointing. Oh well now at least I know what to expect. Like you guys said the taste and tenderness is the most important part and that was right on.

    Thanks guys
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    I use a propane smoker and get big smoke rings every time. I think this is isolated to just electric smokers.
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