first brisket on my new mini

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jsclow, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. jsclow

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    it began about 11:15

    Am now 2 hrs in and holding around 220* w/158* internal. I had to move the mini into the shade an hour ago. Found the temps varied 10* when the clouds moved in front of the sun. Much more consistent now.
  2. jsclow

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    Can anyone reading this tell me why the meat temp would drop from 158* to 154* after the 2hr15min mark?
  3. jsclow

    jsclow Fire Starter

    Almost 5hrs into the smoke and the meat temp has dropped 20* from 158* to now 138*. Any suggestions? Help?
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    Okay, no one answered and I'm sure you're done with your brisket by now.  How did it turn out?

    I'm not a mini owner but do have a WSM and I smoke on my Weber Kettles so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    About the only time I see an internal meat temp drop like you mentioned is when I haven't positioned the meat probe correctly.  Happened to me this morning.  I just took a small 6.5 lb brisket flat off the smoker after a relatively hot and fast cook (275F-295F chamber temp for 6 hours).  Initially this morning the internal temp went from 48F to 130F in an hour with a chamber temp running 275F.  My instincts said "no way", it was climbing too fast.  I had initially put the probe in the meat sideways from the thickest end of the cut.  When I pulled it out and put it back in at an angle from the top of the brisket, careful to hit the middle of the meat, the internal temp dropped to 90F.  That reading was correct.  Obviously the end of the first probe ended up too close to the outside of the meat.   

    I'm guessing the chamber temp dropped when clouds blocked the sun.  I get that kind of drop on my Weber Kettles when the clouds or backyard trees block the sun.  Run it a little hotter than 220, say 235-250 and you won't have to worry about the shade or ten degrees.

    You don't say how big your brisket was.  For a small 4-6 lb brisket flat 158F in two hours seems a little fast for 220F chamber temp, but it could happen.  I usually see that temp in two hours on 3 lb cuts of meat.  But to have an internal temp of only 138F after 5 hours, assuming the 220 remained constant, that seems a little low unless you have a 10+ lb brisket in there, then that's probably closer to accurate for 220F. Still doesn't explain the drop though.

    Anyway, fill us in on the final product and what you did.  We can always learn something.     
  5. jsclow

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    Here is the result. The brisket on the left had decent flavor but was chewy, it was under 4lbs. My guess is it needed longer on the grill. The one on the right was something I found at the grocery store and was labeled 'lomo de res' which ended up Si?th the texture of a roast. They went for 6 hours in the smoker and after I couldn't get the smoker temps to maintain above 200 I wrapped them in foil and stuck them on the gas grill for about an hour at about 380. I know I did not let them rest long enough, only about 45min.

    I know I did a lot of things wrong. I just need to not get in a hurry. The butcher cut too much fat off and I need to try to learn how to educate him on what I need. I need to learn all the cuts of meat in Spanish also.
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    Glad it worked out. Still trying to figure out where the grease goes. Hopefully not on that nice little table.
  7. jsclow

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    That table is a cable reel from my local electric supplier.

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