First Brisket on 4th of July?? Sure why not

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  1. Decided I'd use 4th of July to make my first brisket (yeah, I know...LOL). Picked up an 8 Lb'r as the sacrificial offering.  Can't state how valuable this site has been in prepping for (hopeful) success.

    Thanks to all who post and advise in here. One thing I've noticed about this place is that the vets are always happy to give thoughts & suggestions and I have yet to see a post that wasn't still encouraging at the same time.  As a newb, that goes a long way when it comes to researching. While I haven't blown up the posts with my own, I've spent countless hours on here reading (and investing lol) in new toys (ahem, I mean culinary equipment).

    Trimmed fat cap down to ~1/4" yesterday evening, left a little more in the high spots since it's a flat and I'm probably gonna need the moisture. Didn't leave any hardened fat, just the areas I felt would still render down..I cal always trim excess afterwards right?  

    Thought it'd be better to error on the side of caution in case I needed it vs. trim too much and risk it going dry. 

    Pretty standard dry rub, 1:1 Kosher Salt/Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and a hint of Cayenne. Wrapped it to rest in the fridge overnight.

    0730 - pulled brisket out of fridge to take the chill off of it before going in. 

    0750 - Fill & light ½ tray Cherry/Hickory/Apple pellets with ½ tray Apple dust. Preheat smoker to 200 then light drizzle        

              of Worcestershire across the top.

    0830 - Brisket in, raised temp to 235

    1250 – Smoker temp 210 – IT 151 

    1415 - Smoker temp 235 - IT 161

    1430 - Pulled brisket out at 161 IT, wrapped in foil w/ beef broth base & a little butter

    So good. Back into the belly of the beast until it's ready. Note: I'm not setting a pre-set IT, lots of reading on here has taught me to start w/ toothpick at about 195 IT until the toothpick glides in like a hot knife through butter. 

    1800 - IT was at 191, toothpick test complete. Removed from smoker, wrapped in towels and into the cooler to rest. Sure I'm not alone here but I HAD to sample. Really good flavor, seemed a a little on the tight side. Not sure if the resting period will change this, if not I'd still call it a successful first venture thus far. More pics to follow...
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  2. dukeburger

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    Looking good so far. You're in for a good meal. Patience is key [​IMG]
  3. b-one

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    Looking forward to your success!
  4. aggie94

    aggie94 Smoking Fanatic

    Good documentation of your steps, looks like it came out great, I would definitely call it a success.  How was it after it rested?
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  5. Nice      Where are the sliced pics ?

  6. Pretty decent results for first time doing a brisket.I'd give myself a C+, although everyone else gave rave reviews (my own worst critic?). I try to ask myself; if I ordered this in a restaurant, would I sent it back or be happy with it.

    Taste was quite good, hindsight always 20/20...I should have pulled it a little sooner as it wasn't as tender as I'd hoped. I don't know it was due to lack of fat content, smoking temp,left it on too long, or the process I used.

    Flavor was what I was hoping for..plenty of pepper and heat that crept up on ya with every bite. 

    BTW, I have an MES 40, w/ AMNPS, smoked w/ Cherry/Apple and light Mesquite blend.

  7. aggie94

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    I think you are being too hard on your grading.  It looks good, tender briskets were always something I struggled with and this is your first.  I never could determine if I was under cooking them or over cooking them. 
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  8. Thanks Aggie...for what it's worth, I've only had a couple briskets I'd give an "A" to and I have set my sights on achieving that goal. I'd be happy if I could get the moisture part down, understand that'll take some trial & error. Luckily (for me), I have another brisket in the freezer willing to take part in my objective [​IMG].   I was probing it with a toothpick and the only areas that achieved that super tender part were the thicker areas (I know...Thanks Capt Obvious lol). While trying to stay patient, I was afraid the thinner/leaner sections would overcook, which turned out to be the case.  

    Obviously very new to this so I'm always ready to hear feedback and some constructive tips to help flatten the learning curve so if anyone see's something I did incorrectly, please drop a reply and share your knowledge.


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