First brisket need advice

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bbq beginner, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Tommorow morning I'm going to start my first brisket it is a 5.83lb super trimmed brisket flat i am going to do a basic salt and pepper rub but I am wondering what the internal temp should end at and what temp to start it at I am planning on wrapping it sometime during the smoke it will be cooked on mes 30 electric smoke house with mesquite wood. Any last minute advice is greatly appreciated.

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    a couple of things... just remember mesquite is a VERY STRONG smoke wood.. it won't take much to be over smoked ... being that it is "super trimmed" (probably no fat).... I would put something like pork fat or bacon on a rack over the top of it so that it will baste the meat with the drippings...
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    Mesquite is a strong wood and can be overpowering if not handled carefully.

    On the other hand, in Texas?  Is it legal to cook with anything besides mesquite and a cold Lone Star or Pearl beer in hand?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. I too am planning on a beef brisket sometime in the next couple of days. Please let me know how this turns out
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    Some good advice on the mesquite.  As for temps, you can smoke it anywhere from 225 to 325 and final temp will probably  be anywhere from 185 to 205 or so.    You don't judge a brisket as being "done" based on temperature.    Rather, you cook it until it is probe tender.   What this means is that you poke the brisket at several  spots around the thickest part of the flat.  If should slide in and pull out like a knife going through warm butter.

    Whether to wrap or not is a personal choice.  People wrap anywhere from 145 to 160 degrees.

    BTW, since you are using a MES, it's a good idea to use another therm to verify the temperature in the cooking chamber.
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    Great ideas all, above. Mesquite is the wood to use with brisket. As Jack Daniels said use a light hand with the mesquite, also know you do NOT need to smoke the entire time its in the smoker. Seriously save the chips/pellets. 4 hours of smoke is a lot! That should easily get you up to about 150 degrees IT.

    My last brisket was the first time ever to inject a brisket, and I have cooked one or two, it was really outstanding. Now since yours is super lean, I HIGHLY recommend you inject it with a little beef broth with just a pinch of salt and pepper if that is all you are rubbing with.

    No fat means dry meat. You'll not have that golden amber nectar to baste the meat. Bacon will help, riblets will help if smoked over the brisket. Your biggest problem is going to be not opening that door. You are going to need every bit of moisture in that box.

    Since you are going to wrap, use a bit of that beef broth in your wrap. Wrapping is just a away to use steam to power thru the stall. The broth will of course compliment the beef.

    Never trust electronics! As stated always poke, probe, push, fork, when you think its ready besides just trusting that thermometer. Batteries get weak, signals lost, hot and cold spots in the box. Usually the first time you don't poke it, you'll never forget again.

    Light on the mesquite

    You don't need full smoke the entire cook

    Highly suggest injection since no fat, or use bacon.

    Keep the door closed it helps hold the moisture in.

    Beef broth

    Never trust electronics, they all work off magic anyway!

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