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Discussion in 'Beef' started by biaviian, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. biaviian

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    I am smoking my first brisket tomorrow.  I decided to just do a simply rub 6-8 hours before smoking.  I have the following woods and I'm wondering what people usually use or would pick for a brisket:





    I'm also planning on doing a chicken breast (for lunch while the brisket is dinner) as well as potatoes and corn (if that makes a difference).

    Here is a picture of the brisket fresh from the butcher:

  2. pineywoods

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    Its a matter of taste my choice would be cherry. Don't forget the Qview [​IMG]
  3. caveman

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    Hello.  First of all, you should shave the brisky.  Then remove the tail.  After that.....wait.  Oh, the brisk is in the package.  My mistake.  (Attempt at humor.  Apologies if not received well.)

    Hickory or a stronger wood would be a good way to go to impart smokey flavored goodness to your brisk.  At least it does for mine.  I have always used either, Mesquite, which is really strong, Oak or Hickory.  Other members may add or take away from this post depending on their experiences but I am just giving you mine.  For the chicken breast, if you want a milder smokey flavor, the cherry, apple or peach may be the right call.  It is all totally up to you & your taste buds.  Once you try it all the first time, you will have a better understanding or what you want for the next smoke.  Good luck & have fun.
  4. biaviian

    biaviian Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Yeah the hairy thing started walking away with the brisket (picked it up by the wrapper and carried it "daintily") so I made him lay beside it.  He hates being forced to lay down beside something he knows he shouldn't have. 

    I have never used cherry except I did put some on at the end of my seasoning tonight; I wanted to see what it smelled like.  I would like to use cherry but I wasn't sure if it would be strong enough for the brisket.  I will be posting a Q-view of the process. 
  5. pit 4 brains

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    I use mesquite lump for my briskets so in your case, I agree with the hickory. Although I haven't had the opportunity to use sweet woods on beef, I do like the mesquites and pecan (which is in the hickory family) for beef. You could probably do the chicken while the brisket rests.

    That looks like a flat only. Is there a point attached? Flats by themselves will go a tad quicker when they aren't connected to a point..
  6. I do mine over hickory and apple.

  7. mythmaster

    mythmaster Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I'm in the Mesquite camp for brisket. [​IMG]
  8. squirrel

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    I just want that cutest puppy dog to cuddle with!
  9. biaviian

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    He cuddles like you wouldn't believe.  I work from home (unless I'm traveling) so he is used to attention throughout the day and is very spoiled.  Often times he will lay outside all day except when he comes inside to "check on me".  He'll give me a 5 minute break of petting/playing and then go back outside.

    It is a flat.  I think I'm going to do mostly cherry or apple with some hickory thrown in (very sparingly). 
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