First brisket in my 30" MES with mailbox mod

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lilsmokey315, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hi guys first post here. Ill start off by saying thanks to everyone here for a ton of useful info for a smoking novice like myself. Im 27 and live in Syracuse, NY. Ive had my 30" MES for about 4 months this will be my first brisket, but ive done a few pork butts and about 4 racks of ribs. So fairly new at this stuff.

    Setup: 30" MES with the AMNPS and mailbox mod. Rubbed and Injected the brisket (9lb) a day before the smoke. cooking at 225*. Plan on wrapping at 170 with beef broth and taking it to 190 then putting it in a cooler to rest. Decent plan guys?

    Ive had trouble in the past few smokes with the AMNPS going out on me or igniting way to quickly. Im not knocking todds product at all because I love the thing. Its obviously a problem with air flow on the MES as most of you now. So last night I needed to run to Lowes to get a new thermometer, but as I was on my way out the door I was on these forums and saw the "mailbox mod". So it looked easy enough, made sense, and was cheap so I went for it. All I can say is any one that has a MES and the AMNPS I would run to your nearest home center get a mailbox, 2-3" elbows and some 3" flex hose. This thing is running like a champ now. I performed a test run last night and the thing was spot on. Filled the AMNPS about half way and it let her rip. Tons of beautiful TBS. I ended up putting a 3" elbow on the top of the smoker where the vent is and I think it draws alot better. Here are some pics lemme now what you think: And thanks for all the helpful info here


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    The mailbox mod is awesome!

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