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  1. My first go at the brisket has gone underway. Marinated for a few hours from beef broth mixture/ injection, then while smoker was heating up rubbed down with squeeze butter/ mustard. Then applied a dry rub of mostly salt and pepper.

    Placed in a giant pan fat side up and now smoking at around 250-265

    Will update with some pictures later on.... as this is all any experiment hah. Took a little something I liked from about 6 ways I read about. Any advice tips are greatly appreciated. By the way the brisket is 10lb with point and flat.
  2. Here is a few pictures so far...

    Going to

    put the dutches beans on too, they sound to tasty not to try.
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  3. Kinda got worried from earlier because the fat on top was breaking down and looked odd, added a grate underneath the brisket to keep up away from juices, and I think it is starting to look better haha...
  4. Well turned out pretty good. However few issues. It ended up taking 16 hours total,, I was figuring 12... the meat was juicy and flavorful, so I'm not sure I should crank the heat up next time and ruin a good thing. Ive bought brisket from many joints and didn't see it coming that I could have made one that taste better especially on first try.


    When I covered in foil I believe it ruined the bark but enhanced the flavor.... guess as long as it taste good who cares what it looks like? Haha, anyways feelin good since I had very low expectations on this go
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    Hey bw, looks great ! I've had briskets take 16+ hrs, but I usually cook somewhere between 225-250* .... But I personally don't go over the 250* ! IMHO, I would not crank up the heat... I like mine the good ole low & slow way, though some folks will do the hot & fast... To each their own, but I stick with the low & slow.... I most times will rub down with just plain ole yellow mustard, or olive or peanut oil before putting on the seasoning to create a bit of a barrier to help keep the moisture in....What IT did ya pull it & did ya try the toothpick test when she was done ? Just wondering ..... Foiling will soften the bark as ya found, some foil & some don't.... again IMHO just a personal preference ! Hope any of this helps & congrats again on a great first brisket smoke ! Thumbs Up
  6. I pulled it off at around 170 I had about a 3 degree difference between the point and the flat, flat was lower in temp since I had the point towards the heat source. I then wrapped it and pulled it off again about 194 to 198  a 4 degree difference, then wrapped in towels for awhile.

    What's the toothpick method?

    Oh one other thing is I never separated until after rested, not sure if that was wrong or not. but it was cool that I could separate with simple pull from my hands(well had my insulated gloves on haha) good feeling being able to shrewd meat with your hands hahaha.
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    Yeah, sounds good... I usually start checkin with a toothpick around 198* IT... All the toothpick method is, take a toothpick and slide it into the meat, if the toothpick slides into the meat with very little resistance, then that's when I pull & foil and towel.... But I've had briskets go as high as 205* IT before the toothpick test worked & pulled to rest.... Each piece of meats a little different ! I don't separate til it's done resting either !
  8. Hey thanks! I will have to try this out for sure. Sounds like a simple test and I'm all about that haha
  9. Still eating away on this hah, brisket chunks cooked up in skillet with homemade bourbon apple butter BBQ.

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    YUM YUM! Looks perty GOOOD!!

    You can do that toothpick test with a probe thermometer. It should feel like you're probing a stick of butter been sitting out on the counter, not firm like one from the fridge. I usually start probing every 1/2 to hour after it reaches about 185* IT. 

    As for losing the bark with foil, if you can get some use butcher paper instead. It doesn't steam as much, let's it breathe. Then you just pull em off when their done in the butcher paper and throw them in a cooler to rest.

    Oh, you mentioned fat cap was up? Where? did you trim most of it off? I just leave it all and let it do whatever it does. If you want it off when you slice it, you can always trim it off then.
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  11. Butcher paper! Ha I have tons of that will have to give it a go. Some are lined though am I to not use them? Would the liner melt in?

    I did smoke it fat side up. I trimmed that down to 1/4 1/2 inch. If there was excess I cut out. There was a spot with like 2-3 inches near the joint of the flat and brisket that I took out. It was the solid hard fat like deer get that's awful. I also cut down the sides about inch of fat and little bit of meat taken off.... didn't like how the meat looked on ends... not appealing.

    Believe it paid off, no real trimming to do to eat the thing then. It was still coated with a fat layer and tasted great... making me believe if I left the fat on it would not of rendered down to a good ratio to eat with meat. The you would have to trim it and lose all your bark right?
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    No idea about lined butcher paper?? If you're talking about that waxey part that's on some, I'd put it on the outside. I use just straight paper. I'll warn ya, it's messy messy but yummy yummy!!!

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