First Brisket Flat of 2014

Discussion in 'Beef' started by woodman3, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. woodman3

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    The LOML wanted brisket for dinner. This was a 11 pounder or so. Everything was going excellent until the wind picked up then temp dropped like a rock. I could almost watch temp drop on gauge. I could not get temps up no matter what I did. I was left no choice but to finish it up in the oven.

  2. mossymo

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    Looks excellent and appears with the smoke ring you got plenty of smoke to it before switching to the oven, nice work!
  3. woodman3

    woodman3 Smoke Blower

    I was pleased with the smoke ring. I was a bit unsure how it would turn out. We are in the beginning of a very cold snap. Wind blows hard here in Kansas almost all of the time.
  4. foamheart

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    Nice job, looks great to me also!
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Two words come to mind - "wind break".[​IMG]

    Good work , looks good from here.

    Have fun and . . .
  6. I am doing my first brisket on my char broil gas smoker 13 pounds should I use water in the water pan or not how long will it take I'm living in Calif outside temp is 60degrees
  7. woodman3

    woodman3 Smoke Blower


    It depends on what temp you cook it at.  I was around 225 to 240 on average.  It took about 9 hours total from start to finish.
  8. Woodman 3 it turned out great 9 hours at 225 it melted in our mouths I have to say it was great taste and moistness perfect thank you for your answer

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