First Brisket- done in 8 hours?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by lucymark, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. This is the first summer with my MES and today I'm tackling my first brisket. I got a 9.75 lb. packer cut at Costco, prepped it last night (injected with melted butter & Jeff's rub and marinated it with rub/onion/garlic), and put it on at 230 degrees at 7 am. I've pretty much left it alone, just adding wood chips occasionally. I put it directly on the grate with a pan underneath to catch the juices. Around 12:15, I checked the temp (have a Maverick ET-73 thermometer) and it was already 166. I put it in the juice pan, added some beef broth, and foiled it and put it back in the smoker. Now at almost 3, it's already 194 degrees. No plateau. Actually, I've never reached a plateau with anything I've smoked. Temp has been steady-ish at 230. Will leave it in until 200-205 and then put it in a cooler with some towels for a bit.

    I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong as it's cooking much quicker than I anticipated. Should I be worried or just be happy that I will get to have it for dinner tonight rather than tomorrow?
  2. Start probing it now! It's not a temp thing .. If probs smooth as butter pull it out ... Or wait till it does is the time to forget temp's by feel ... Once you take it off , I let it cool a bit before double wrapping .,you want to stop the cooking process before putting in the chest...
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  3. It's not impossible, but it may be a bit quick...might want to verify your smoker temp just to make sure...?
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    I had to lower my temps into the 215 to 220 range just to reach 9 1/2 hours for my briskets. They cook quick for some reason.
  5. My dog ate the smoker probe for my thermometer (for real, guess it smelled good!). I will get a replacement and check my smoker temp just to be sure. Might have to lower the temp next time to see if that makes a difference. Pulled it at 198 and put it in the cooler for about 3 hours. Just finished eating brisket tacos! Flavor was good, texture was ok. Wasn't tough, but could've been a bit more tender. Will mix in juices after defatting and see what it tastes like tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. don't worry man...briskets are difficult...the good news is, even your 'failures' are very tasty!!
  7. My briskets on my WSM all finish in the 9-10 hr range . And I'm talking full packers in the 13-15 lb range
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    Toothpick test or thermometer?
  9. I always go by feel , based on that i pull off when probe tender ,never temp....having said that finishing temps have been a low of 188 and a high of 205 and everywhere in between..
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  10. I went by temp, and probed just a bit with the end of the thermometer. I will def go by feel and use a toothpick next time. When I probed, some parts were tender, others not as much. Now that I have done one, I know better what to go by next time.

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