First Brisket Choice Angus "Natural"

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  1. I want this brisket as tender and juicy as possible, obviously,  I have never used a choice Angus brisket.

    I was thinking about injecting it, but I want as much of that angus flavor as possible.  Most recipes use apple juice or beef stock.  I am concerned that these types of solutions will interfere with the natural taste of the brisket.

    I will be using an MES 30, if that helps.

    I do also plan on using a rub.

    Any tips would be appreciated.
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  2. if you want as much beef flavor as possible dont inject it. (for some reason i think beef broth would just be too much salt), just use a simple rub...i use fancy rubs on the outside for just that reason alone..the outside.. i want to taste beef when i eat brisket, and a hint of a rub just on the outside...
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  3. I agree! I use a simple rub on the outside because I want to taste beef. Now burnt ends, that's a different story. :biggrin:
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    Remember, don't get carried away with a large full packer, a MES30 can't take it all. She lied size does matter. I will get this said early and promise not to repeat it; it is important to keep the door closed.

    Most will trim back some fat to expose the meat to spices, I don't. If I am going to pay for and wait thru the smoke, I LIKE SOME FAT! My arteries are calling out for it.

    Rub it down good, plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge as long as possible, I normally give it two nights to ensure max absorption when I pre-rub (I am big on marinade). One night is OK, but but less is just that.

    Re-Rub before throwing it on the grill. With a little sugar in the rub, remember sugar burns. Its a trade off to get the sugar to seal the brisket which IMHO is important.

    Now after saying all this, I always suggest on any new adventure to use a minimalist approach. Set the bar so when you do it again you have have a good smoke to judge from. Then you can decide if you want to use more garlic or onion or rub or sugar or try a different pre smoking modification Marinade, Injection etc. But of course I am sure you'd take notes so you'll remember it all.

    Woods, Brisket can take hard smoke, that means no wood is really out of line including hickory and mesquite. Again, first adventure minimalistic approach IMHO and take notes. I like my fat side up, although as others will point out, it will wash off spices. I think the fat is a natural basting device and that juice is liquid gold. This is where an Aux. smoke generator really earns its keep.

    The easy part, smoke to 175 IT, foil and return to smoker till 190/195, then bag and tag for at least hour, looking for 200+ IT.  When I open it up, I allow to rest and cool for 30 mins It will slice better at cooler temps. Tip: Toothpick's, the old school ways still work. It should have the resistance of butter. You can do low and really slow and cook long enough not to need the foil, old school way. Its all about you and what you are most comfortable with.

    I am not a burnt ends kinda guy, guess because I never saw anyone in my youth do it. The point is just more brisket goodness to me. You can chop up any part add sauce and cook down. I just like the brisket.

    Remember though Patience is the key, its supposed to be fun, no stress.

    Good luck, enjoy the smoke.

    Hint, a pan of your favorite beans placed on the tray below catching the juices makes beans that rival the brisket in flavor.
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    Hi Just use salt n pepper or Mc McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning.That way you will defiantly will taste the beef.
    PS A little rub also won't hurt.
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  6. yeh i agree with the BE's. lol. more like same story, whole different
  7. Thanks all.  I have rubbed it down.  I will move this discussion over to the electric smoker forum.  THANK U AGAIN!
  8. Hello All you Awesome Smokers   

    I have my VERY FIRST Brisket on the smoker right now. I just bought an electric smoker, pre-seasoned it and here I go !

    I am nervous. WHEN should I wrap it in foil and then how long to smoke it in foil??

    I have a 4 lb brisket that I rubbed down and placed directly on the racks.

    Any tips would be appreciated. This is so exciting , I can hardly wait to see and taste the results.

    Thank you

    SmokinHotNana [​IMG]

  9. I smoke my briskets without foil at 200 degrees for about 1.5 hrs per pound.  Melts in your mouth.  I do this because logically water evaporates here at 212.  Less evaporation = moister meat.
  10. I have a 1981 Texas Monthly cookbook that describes that ^^^.
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  11. I don't have a electric smoker, mine is a RF, so here goes. It sounds like you purchased a good quality piece of meat. I would trim the fat cap down, leaving a small layer of the fat. I only use salt and coarse ground pepper no injections. I smoke for about 6 hours at 225 spritzing every 30- 45 min or so. I then wrap in butcher paper with another good spritzing and return it to the smoker to finish. I too like the taste of the meat without a bunch flavors that in my opinion don't need to be there. But I am from Texas and realize that other parts of the country like and grew up on different flavors and methods. I like Brisket simple no overpowering flavors. My thought if you are going to spend the long hours smoking a brisket you want it to taste like brisket. Otherwise you might as well inject it rub it with all kinds of stuff and throw it in the crock-pot with some water, onions and liquid smoke..

  12. im right there with ya..salt,pepper,onion and garlic powder...if im spending $50+ i definitely wanna taste beef. nothing in the world to me like brisket done right.
  13. About the only Briskets you find around here Wally World, Sams, or Brookshire's are Select and some Choice. I try to always buy choice. There is one place about 35 miles from here that sells a hormone and antibiotic free choice brisket for about 12 bucks a pound so I stick with the choice. I have some friends that live in the Dallas area where there are quite a few places that are reasonable.

  14. $12/lb??...WHOAAAAAAAA!!!!! does it smoke itself and produce diamonds? ill stick to my CAB Beef.
  15. That's why I go with Sam's most of the time. I can find Choice at a reasonable price.


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