First brisket.....calm my nerves!!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by langmotorsports, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. I not being the smartest guy in the world have decided to try my first brisket while having 20 people over on Sat. for not to worried as I have not had any bad experience with any of my other smokes because of all the awesome help from this site and its members. Can anyone give me some input on their fool roof method? pull and foil? what temp to foil if foiling? mop no mop? spritz with appe juice?? One thing putting me at ease is it seems that everything is working for everybody and it seems to be a prefernece thing.........put me at ease guys!!! I will get some pictures and post, I am also cooking a bunch of spares and am going to try the 321 method and also a big pork making myself hungry. ANy tips would be much appreciated, woood suggestions?? Thanks you guys rock!!!!
  2. First off... it's after noon somewhere... pop a top :{)

    My mop of choice is cider vinegar, bourbon and water thirds each. And a few seasonings. If you like it sweeter... use what ya like.

    If yer gonna oven finish or foil..same thing... wait till ya get the bark ya want.

    You slicing or pulling? Is it a packer or a flat? lotta options yet!
  3. Hey Rich

    Its a nice 12# packer, i figured id jump in with both feet. Im going to slice and am using a variation of Jeffs rub recipe.........anything else you want to know shoot it at me.........I appreciate the help and words of wisdom
  4. fatback joe

    fatback joe OTBS Member

    Put your rub on it, throw it on the smoker at around 250 degrees, don't mess with it until the internal temp hits around 170, wrap it in foil add a little liquid if you want and keep it going until it hits 195 or so............pull it off the smoker, give it a new wrap of foil and a towel and put it into the cooler for an hour or two. Pull it out and be sure to slice across the grain.

    There is the basic way to get home.

    You can mop, spritz, or whatever with anything you want, but you don't have to. Seems like in a lot of smokers the heat loss you get by opening the door outweighs anything the mop or spritz gives you.........but still, if you want to mop or spritz go ahead.

    To me, keeping the heat up is the biggest factor in a good brisket........let it drop and you are making jerky.

    Good luck........don't over think it, you will be fine.
  5. 1894

    1894 SMF Premier Member

    Sounds like good advice above , 'specialy the relax and don't overthink it [​IMG]
    One of the hardest things for this newbie to get through my thick skull [​IMG]
  7. placebo

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    Putting the foiled meat in the cooler helps to redistribute the juices back into the meat.
  8. Doesn't just wrapping in double foil do the same thing?
  9. A couple of things (just suggestions; it's your project):

    1.) don't go poking the thing once the temp starts to rise. If you are going to use a temp probe, make sure you leave it in. Also make sure you put it in through the side so you can flip the meat if you choose to. If you go poking it, you will lose a large amount of juice, and that would be a shame.

    2.) I'm fond of the sear method as I think it adds to the flavor of the bark. I usually sear it over a hot fire, let it cool to the touch, then add the rub.

    3.) I cook mine in a large roasting pan. There are few things in this world better than brisket juice. Why let it run away. After it hits about 140-150, put foil on the top.

    4.) As an extension to #1 and #3, I wrap foil around the joints of my temp probes. Once you foil the brisket, most likely a portion of the probe wire will be inside the foil; they don't respond well to moisture. The foil wrapper protects them.

    Finally, this is the mop I used. Good luck!

    1 bottle Guinness
    3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
    2.5 handfuls rub (yea, it's that accurate)
    1-2 Tbl red pepper flake
    1-2 "bloops" of EVOO
    2 Tbl Claude's Brisket Marinade Sauce

    Stir well, apply every hour.
  10. Thanks for the input everyone!!!! Josh I have a couple questions, IMHO wont the searing seal up the pours in the meat and not allow the smoke to penetrate? I like the foil pan idea but again doesnt it impede the smoke from the meat? Suggestions for the brisket juice? Thanks so much guys im excited to pull this off and will hopefully have pics to post!!!
  11. Ive done 2 brisket flats now, the first tasted great, but was tough. I didnt put it in a cooler, sliced it right off the smoker.

    Yesterday was my 2nd, pulled it from smoker, placed in a cooler like everyone here said to, when I pulled it from the cooler 2 hours later, it was sooooooo tender my fingers went right through it. Had to let it cool completely to slice. Now my wife and co-workers think I am a smoking god, and its all due to listening to the advice on this board. The people here really know their stuff, they wont steer you wrong.
  12. ron50

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    Although I'm not a fan of the searing method, I don't think it seals the meat or prevents smoke from penetrating. Yes the meat is exposed to less smoke in the foil pan. People who like that method say it gives the brisket a much "beefier" flavor.

    It's a preference thing; as far as taste goes, either way will work.
  13. abelman

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    You have gotten some good advice, have a cold one, relax and let it happen. Things will be fine.
  14. No, I don't believe the myth that searing seals up of the meat. But it does add to the flavor (google Maillard Reaction....assuming I spelled it right). I don't think the foil pan takes away from the smoke flavor. Just make sure the pan is big enough that it doesn't trap the meat; give it room to breath and it will take on smoke nicely.

    As for the brisket juice, I pour it into a tall pitcher and cool it overnight; or use a fat separator thingy to remove the fat. Last brisket I did, I poured the juice over the slices and reheated in a crock pot. Good stuff!
  15. fatback joe

    fatback joe OTBS Member

    The reason for the towel is to keep the heat up a bit more, helps to hold a little more heat in than just foil. If you aren't planning on holding it very long (less than an hour) you could skip the towel and be jsut fine. I routinely hold them for 3 or 4 hours so the towel helps. If one gets done real early, I will pour boiling water in the cooler to heat it up a bit, then drain and put the wrapped me in.

    I have never noticed a smell in the cooler. If any juices leak out, just be sure to clean it up good.
  16. abelman

    abelman OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I only thing I would add on the cooler deal is that I put a towel down in the bottom of the cooler and then the foiled meat on top if I don't actually wrap in the towel.

    I had one butt actually melt the bottom just enough to warp it.
  17. bcfishman

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    In response to the initial post...

    You would first have to find a way to get your smoker up there to use a "fool roof" method. But I must say, you would definitely be a fool to smoke anything on the roof.

    Sorry, it's a slow day and that came to mind.
  18. Hey man,
    Just relax,I can tell u from experience that with all the input u are gettin here u will do fine.I am a noobie my self and joined this site on the very day of my first smoke.....Turned out great thanx to all the great input from the folks here.I now have done four briskets and they just keep gettin better.As well as my ribs,butts,loins and fatties....Again all due to the help I get from here
    I am really not in a position to give u any input as it seems u have all u need and,I am just gonna say whateveryone else has already said to ya.Believe it or not ,It gets less stressful and becomes very enjoyable almost to the point of luck and let us a see some Q-View..........One thing to remember with all these fine folks here is this,.....NO Q-VIEW IT NEVER
  19. mossymo

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    Your in good hands with the suggestions you are receiving here; your brisket will turn out great following the suggestions. Here is a link t a seared brisket I made if it helps you -

    By the way, I just moved from West Fargo this spring after living in Fargo/West Fargo for the last 23 years. Keep on smoking; neighbors in your town, the smell just drives them crazy !!!

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