FIrst Brats and Breakfast on New LEM

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  1. Been a busy weekend. New 5lb LEM arrived! Wife said we need to clean out the freezer, what a coincidence.[​IMG]  Found a couple of pork buts, so here we go, 10 lb brats and 5 lbs breakfast sausage.


    Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

    Shooters attitude brats

    10 lbs worth



    Found this and it looked interesting so I ordered a pound, lets try it out in 5 lbs.



    I love this stuffer!

    brat pics are too blurry, here is the breakfast, Ryteks recipe.

    Used sheep casings on these, little bit of a challenge. It was a last minute deal so I got the casings at Cabela's, never used sheep before so I don't know if it just the casings or if that is just the way it is. got through it though. Used hog guts on the brats from Butcher & Packer, they worked great.



    brats turned out excellent. to me the lava jack ain't all that but i left it as is to see what others thought. so far everyone likes them and says they are spicy but not overly so.

    Better pics in the future[​IMG]

    Local IGA put bulk ground beef on sale this week $2.59 lb, got about 30 lb, stix and summer sausage to follow.

    Wifes sister and her husband have a pipeline company in North Dakota and for better productivity they feed their guys lunch on the lines. She wants me to make her some brats now, about 300 of them. [​IMG]  I tell the wife thats about 75 lbs  worth, a bit of a stretch grinding with the KA. So she says we'll just have to get you a new grinder. Who am I to argue [​IMG]. So we go to cabela's and I am trying to decide on a grinder, more than 1/2 hp? do I need 1 hp? and she says "just get the 1 hp and you won't have to worry about it" I love that woman.


    Bring on them pork buts! [​IMG]
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  2. sam3

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    Nice job on the links! Everything looks great!
  3. scarbelly

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    Looks like a great success 
  4. kadoka

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    Your wife has an attitude......LOVE IT! Grind on.
  5. Great new equipment! have fun and lots of q view.
  6. gersus

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    Awesome! Gotta love new toys, especially ones that could chew up an entire horse leg at once! 1hp is a biggen!

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