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Discussion in 'Pork' started by miata2k, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. OK folks. I have decided to jump right in and give a pair of Boston butts a shot. I have two ~5lb roasts w/ bone. I rubbed them down with a recipe that a friend gave me and they are resting comfortably together in the fridge waiting for tomorrow morning. I only have a couple of questions about the smoke show tomorrow.

    1) Fat side down or up?


    2) I am shooting to eat around 5-6pm what time should I throw them on?

    Thanks for the help,


    I already made up the finishing sauce. [​IMG]
  2. pignit

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    I trim the fat and cook em fat side up. Your gonna get every direction on this one as it's a matter of preference. Same goes with the time. I'm gonna guessulate two 5 pounders at 225 will take 10 to 12 hours. Could be a tad less... could be a tad more... I won't smoke a butt for more than 10 hours. If it isn't done I foil it and put it into the oven at 325 to get to 195-200 internal.
  3. ^^^ What he said. I'm guessing 10-11 hours. Also, don't be afraid to bump the heat up to 250, doesn't seem to hurt butts at all. The earlier you start the more cushion you will have especially if you have guests coming over and plan on eating at a certain time. If they finish early that's just more time to rest in the cooler and that is a good thing. Good luck and be sure to post up the finished results.

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    when you let the meat rest in the cooler do you leave it in a foil and wrap in a towel or take it out of the foil and use a towel only?
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    Leave it in the foil.

    You can also put in a 200' oven for the rest.
  6. 12:30pm 2/8/09

    6 hours in. Internal temp is ~150 deg.

    Took only about an hour to reach 120 deg.

    Spraying every hour with 3-1 apple juice and gold rum and using a mix of apple and hickory.
  7. ronf

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    Looks like you're on your way to some fine eatin'. Looks good. Keep us posted.
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    Got an update for us? Looking real good
  9. Sorry for the lack of Q-view. My camera took a dump on me. The pork came out great. I used the finishing sauce from SoFlaQuer and it was perfect. I was concerned about the lack of a pink smoke ring until I did some reading and found out that I might not see one because I use an electric smoker. All in all it was a huge success. I will post some pics of the leftovers tonight when my camera is charged. [​IMG]

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    They look great.
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    Great job! Looks fantastic.

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