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Discussion in 'Pork' started by 70stang, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. I done pork loins and ribs in my old offset but never a Boston Butt. So far so good as the new vertical is holding a good temp.

    I fired it up at 5:30am est and put the Butt on at around 6am est

    This was at about 9:30am

    It was stalled at 145 at about 10:am.Just injected it with apple juice and it picked up and is now at 170 at 11:20.

    My question is,What temp do you pull this off at? Or do you rely on the bone test? I was going to take it up to 200 and then wrap it in alumium foil and put it back in for an hour. Can I do this or should I just pull it out and let it rest for an hour?
  2. Just did a search and found my answer. Foil at 165,then back in till 195.
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    Lookin' good so far!

    If you're going by temp, 195-200* should be plenty tender enough for need to continue cooking it...will start to get a grainy/mealy texture...that's overcooked. Foil and wrap in towels to rest at that point...give it around 90 minutes minimum resting before pulling...longer is better if it stays hot enough (doesn't cool too quickly). You can leave your probe in to monitor temps so you pull it early enough before it's too cool. You can give the bone a tug as well when you're around 195* and if it feels like it's pretty loose, it's close.

    Looks like a picnic instead of a butt. Flavor in the picnic is a little stronger than the butt, in a good way...slightly hammy, and a lot more money're in for treat. Just smoked one several days ago...much more flavorful than a butt, and easier to pull, IMHO.

  4. forluvofsmoke

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    Foiling before it's finished cooking will soften your bark on the meat...if you want a firm to hard bark, don't foil. Foiling cuts some time off cooking, but comes at a price.

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    Good luck and yo got great advice from the above posts
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    Keep showing that good q-view!

  7. seenred

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    Looking good, 'stang!  Keep us posted...

  8. Sorry meant to say 150 not 170 in my first post.

    I pulled it off when it hit 163.This was about 1:00.Got it ready to wrap and put a bit more apple juice on it.

    Wrapped and put back in.As of 3:20 it's at 184.

  9. I go all the way to 200*, maybe 205* if it is going to be pulled.
  10. Took it off at 195.It almost fell apart on me trying to get it into the foil pan(Of course I snuck a bite and it was moist and tender)

    The bone pulled out easy and I covered it back up for it's rest. Not shown I put the foil over it and wrapped it in a towel.

    Thanks again for all the great help,it is much appreciated! and it's a shame your all aren't close by or I be sharing this with you!

    Thanks again,

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    Looking good.    Just pulled my last 6 out of the smoker.  Scrubbed down  and closed up.  Been a long 16hr smoke.

    If you want to step it up a bit look into getting Jeffs rub.  It awesome.  Just search Jeffs rub and I'm sure you'll find it.   I cut the red pepper and black pepper in half.  I'm a whimp about heat. 

    Looks awesome!!
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  12. kathrynn

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    WesW.....I don't like a bunch of "hot" either...I did the same thing...and Jeff's rub is good...I don't use the mustard either.

    PP looks great!  Good Job!

  13. forluvofsmoke

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    [​IMG]...don't leave us hangin' without pulled pork, now.

    Looks like you had a good smoke! Shoulder pork really is not hard to smoke...just need a little patience.

  14. seenred

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    Looks like it turned out real good, Kevin!  Way to go!


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