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Discussion in 'Pork' started by ljmaxx, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I have had my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for about 6 months but have never tried a Boston Butt.  I bought a good looking 7 pound butt at Publix and when I got home washed it with fresh water, applied lots of L&P Worcestershire Sauce, then rubbed it down with a homemade rub.   Put it in the fridge over night and in the morning put it in the smoker.   I also used an AMNS for extra smoke.  Ten hours later the piece of meat was at 180 degrees and ready to be wrapped in foil for an hour.   Turned out pretty good for my first BB.   Thanks for the info Johnnie.

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  2. johnnie walker

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    It looks like it turned out fine to me! Looks yummy! [​IMG]

    Try posting the picture from your computer and not an outside source (photobucket or whatever).

    Up at the top here (in the Reply area) in the section with the smiley face, the little square box on the left that says "insert image". Click it and post from your computer.
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    Looks good to me too.

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    It sure looks good from here Johnnie!

    Would you do us a favor & update your profile to include your location, then head over to roll call & introduce yourself so we can all welcome you to SMF. Thanks!
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    Looks dang good, but no pulling. You going for the sliced pork?
  6. Thanks for the comment and I fixed my profile.  My name is Jim, not Johnnie.  I was thanking Johnnie for telling me how to post a pic on this site.  I see you are in Sebring.  Love that area.  Any decent fish in the lake that is in Sebring  that US27 runs by on the west side?
  7. Thanks for the comment.  Yep sliced pork not pulled.  From what I've read I'd need to get the butt up to 195 or so.
  8. double post
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     Yep 195º is a starting point, I tend to go 205º just to make sure. You do any saltwater fishing?
  10. Yes I do.  Love going after reds and have fished Cedar Key in the past but usually end up in Crystal River Area.  If you see this boat come over and say hello or maybe we can just go fishing in my boat.

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    Your pork [​IMG]. I can't say my first look that good, very nice job
  12. scarbelly

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    Great job on the pork. Looks mighty tasty  

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