First Big Smoke on new Pit Boss 820

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  1. I was able to finally use my smoker to smoke something fun this past weekend...I was tasked with making pulled pork for 60 people at a friends 40th Birthday party and smoked 4 Pork Butts.

    I started on Thursday evening my making my Rub (a variation of Jeff's rub) and made an injectable marinade with Apple juice, sugar and salt.  I had my son help inject the pork and then poured some Dijon Mustard with Horseradish over the butts.

    We then proceeded to rub the butts..heehee..with my rub and placed them in 2 gallon bags in the fridge for 24 hours.

    The next day I lit my A-Maze-N Pellet tube smoker and started the Pit Boss 820 Pellet smoker.  Set the smoker to 225 and then took the pork butts out of the fridge and put a little more rub on them.

    Placed the pork into the grill, kept an eye on them for about an hour to make sure that the temp was good and then I went to bed :)

    The next morning I woke up and the temp was about 157.  I waited until they hit 160 and placed them in foil pans that had a shot of Crown Royal Black, a bottle of Killian's Red, water, and apple juice in the bottom of them.  I then placed foil over the tops of the pans to seal them and put them back in the grill so that they could reach 190.

    After reaching a temp of 190 in the thickest part of the largest butt I put the temp of the grill to 350 and placed the pork back on the grill without the pans until they reached a temp of 205.

    While I was waiting for the temp to hit 205 I took the drippings from the foil pans and poured them into Mason jars.  I put the jars in the freezer until the fat turned hard and skimmed it off of the top.  I then made my home made BBQ sauce.

    Once the temps hit 205 I put foil tightly around each butt, wrapped them in towels and let them sit in a cooler for about 3 hours (Party wasn't until 6PM and they got done at around 2 PM.  At around 5 PM I took them out of the cooler and started pulling them.  They fell right off them bone!!  I would pull some and then put some of the juice on them with some rub in layers.

    Placed everything in an electric roaster and took to party.  People said that it was the best pulled pork that they had eaten!!  Made me feel pretty good :)
  2. Wow, that looks fantastic.  I think my tongue just slapped me in the face.  I'm ready to make some PP again, although the wife wants ribs this weekend.  

    I need a good weekend to have a party so I can make some pulled pork.   

    GREAT JOB!!!!
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